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The CRM Opportunity allows Sales rep and Sales manager to track all prospects generated for the business, including who the sales reps is for each one, the time it takes for a prospect to become a proposal, how many proposals get accepted, and the status on each opportunity.

Below are steps to show you how to

Step-by-step guide

Adding a new Opportunity

  1. With the user who wants to add an Opportunity logged in, click the Opportunity button on the Main Menu

  2. The Opportunities screen appears. To add a new button, click the + Add New button on the floating toolbar

    The Add Opportunity dialog appears. 

  3. In the Company field enter the company name to be associated with the opportunity.

    In this example, Telkom Mobile was entered.

  4. In the Description field, enter a description to be used for the opportunity.

    In this example, Billboards was entered.

  5. Enter the name of the contact person that you will be dealing with in the Contact field.

    For this example, type M Simpson

  6. In the Contact Number field enter the contact number for the opportunity.

    Notice that the Date Added field shows the date the opportunity was created.
  7. In the Target Date field select the closing date for the opportunity.

  8. In the Status field select the current status of the opportunity.

    For this example, click the Status field drop down and select Proposal

  9. Select the percentage probability for the likelihood of closing the opportunity by clicking the Probability field up and down arrows.

  10. Enter the sales cost to company in the Cost Price field.

  11. In the Sale Value field enter the estimated amount for the opportunity.

  12. In the Assigned To field select the user to whom this opportunity will be assigned. By default, the user who creates the opportunity will be assigned to the opportunity.

  13. Click the Assigned To field drop down and select an employee to be assigned to this opportunity.

  14. In the Client Parent Company field, enter the holding company for the new client. 

  15. In the FY Est Revenue field enter the estimated rand revenue if won in the current fiscal (full year).

  16. In the FY Annualised Revenue field enter a 12-month figure. This field must be equal to or greater than Full Years Estimated Revenue.

  17. In the Industry field enter the prospective client industry. To configure a list of industry go to Settings - Lookup Codes - Industry.

    Click the Industry field drop down and select Telecommunications from the list

  18. In the Last Action field enter notes about the status of the latest activity on the opportunity. 

  19. The Last Action Date will be updated as the Last Action notes are added or edited. 

  20. To upload external documents, click the Upload File(s) button.

    The Document Upload dialog appears. 

  21. Click inside the white space to select files to upload or drag and drop files.

    The Windows Explore dialog appears. 

  22. Navigate and locate the document you want to upload.

    In this example, Telkom Mobile Proposal was selected.

  23. Click the Open button to upload this document.

    The selected file will appear in the Document Upload dialog. 

  24. Click the Upload button.

    Notice that the file was uploaded successfully. 

  25. In the Notes field enter any additional notes about this opportunity.

  26. Click the Save button to save the opportunity.

    The new added opportunity appears on the Opportunity dialog. 

  27. Click the Save button on the floating toolbar to make changes permanent.

Updating an Opportunity 

  1. With the Opportunity screen open, make the required changes. 

    In this example, we are going to update the Last Action text. 

  2. Add your notes in the input area.

  3. Click the Ok button. 

    The Last Action Date will show when changes were made to the Last Action field. 

  4. Click the Save button. 

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