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You can add, edit and delete Bookings from a Job Bag.

Find out how to:

Step-by-step guide

Adding a Booking on the Job Bag

  1. Open the Job Bag you want to create a Booking on.
  2. Click the Add button to the right of the Gantt tab.

    A new Task row will be added for editing. 

  3. Click on the drop down arrow on the Task Type field and select the relevant Task. 

    In this example, Client Meeting was selected.

  4. Click on the drop down arrow in the Assign To field and select the user or team that will be assigned to the task. 

    If the Task is being assigned to a single user, select the user from the list, or if the user is part of a Traffic Team, select the team from the list.  

    In this example, Francine was selected.

  5. Select the date on which the Task must be started in the Start Date field.

    By default, the start date and finish date will automatically populate according to the current date. 

    In this example, 14 March was selected from the date picker calendar.

    The Start Time field populates to what has been selected in the Booking/Task field. 

    The Booking option is selected by default. If Booking is selected in the Booking/Task field, the Start Time field will allow you to select the time at which the Booking will start. Please note that the Start Time can only be edited on Bookings.

  6. Click on the drop down arrow in the Start Time field and select the relevant time.  

    In this example, 10:30 AM was selected.

  7. Click on the drop down arrow in the Due Date field and select the date by which a user should complete a Task or Booking. 

  8. Enter the number of hours allocated for the Task to be completed in the Alloc (Allocated Hours) field.  

    The Actual Hours field will automatically populate once the user captures time against their Task in Timesheets.

  9. Select if this is a Task or a Booking in the Booking/Task field. 

    Please note that what is selected in this field will affect the Start Time field. For more details on how to change the default Booking/Task column please see Setting up the default Booking/Task option.

    If Booking is selected, the Cal.Sync checkbox will be checked by default. This will sync the Booking to the assigned user's calendar (Outlook). 

  10. Click the Save button to make the changes permanent.

    Once a Booking has been created on the job bag, an email will be sent to the recipients with the following fields in the subject line: Job (JobNo) (CustomerName), (Element), (TaskType).

Editing a Booking from within the Job Bag

Bookings created via Outlook cannot be edited, however you are able to edit Bookings created on the Job Bag.

  1. Open the Job Bag you want to edit a Booking on.
  2. Click on the drop down arrow on the Booking/Task field in the relevant row, and select Task or Booking from the drop down list.

    In this example, Task was selected against the Art Direction row.

  3. Make all the necessary changes, and then click the Save button to make the changes permanent.

    Notice that the Start Time field becomes inactive when a Booking is changed to a Task, and the Cal.Sync checkbox is unchecked.

Deleting a Booking on the Job Bag

Bookings created on the Job Bag can be deleted, however Bookings that have already occurred or have time logged against them, cannot be deleted.  Bookings created in Outlook will not be edited or deleted in Chase, likewise, Bookings created in Chase will not be editable in Outlook.  

  1. Open the Job Bag you want to delete a Booking on.
  2. Click the Delete this line button against the relevant row.

    In this example, the Copy/Script row is selected for deletion.

    A dialog appears. 

  3. Click the Yes button to delete this booking.

    The booking will be deleted from the Job Bag.