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A Booking can be an event, meeting or appointment that needs to happen on a specific day and time.  Bookings created from Microsoft Outlook will appear on a User's Task list, if the Calendar To Chase Sync option is enabled.

For Bookings to be synced to Chase you need to set up a PA account.  For more details on setting up a PA account, see How to configure PA mailbox in Chase.  Note that calendar integration only syncs Bookings, not Tasks.

Below are steps to show you how to add Bookings via Outlook.  Microsoft Outlook is used in the steps below.  These steps will differ depending on the mail provider you are using e.g Gmail, FastMail, Yahoo. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open Outlook.

  2. Click the New Items drop down button on the Ribbon.

    A list of options appears. 

  3. Select Meeting.

    The Untitled – Meeting pop up window appears. 

  4. In the To field, enter emails of Users to be included in the Booking, and add your companies PA email address.  

    - The PA email address is unique and specific to each company.

    - If the Include as Participant on Incoming Booking is checked on your Chase profile (User Details), you as the organiser of the meeting along with the recipients of this request will be assigned to the same Booking. For more details on this feature, see Setting up Users for Calendar integration

  5. Enter the job number and task type in the Subject line.  

    - Job Number and Task Type need to be separated by a dash, space, semicolon or comma. You can also add the Job Product and Element to the subject line separated by a dash, space, semicolon or comma, for example 65, Design, A6 Audi, Flyers Promotion 2018. In Chase, the Job Project and Element will appear in the Task Notes. If the Task type is misspelled, Chase will try to find a matching Task type.

    - Internal Task types can be assigned via Outlook by inserting the Internal Task type name in the subject line. If your agency does not use calendar integration, a House Job Bag can be used to assign the Internal task to a User.

    - If the email subject line contains no Job number or no matching task, no Booking or Task will be created in Chase. It will create a meeting request on the invited User's Outlook.

    - If the email subject line contains a matching Job number but no matching task, the system will create a Booking with Appointment as the task. 

    - If the email subject line contains no Job number, but a matching task, the system will create a task that you can find on the Auto-Fill feature for the assigned User.

    - If the email subject line contains a Job number and a matching task, the task will be created as a Booking in Chase.

  6. Enter a location in the Location field if required.  

    The Location field is not relevant to the Resource Planner, but may be used in Outlook. 

  7. Select the date in the Start time field using the date picker.

    In this example, 12 March was selected.

  8. Click the drop down arrow in the Start time field and select the relevant time. 

    In this example, 10:30 AM was selected.

    The time will not be stored in the Resource Planner but may be used in Outlook. On the Resource Planner you will be able to see the booking Start time, and Chase will calculate the start time and end time to calculate the hours spent.

  9. Select the date in the End time field.

    The date picker will by default change the date to that selected on the Start time field. If the End time date is different, select the date on the calendar.

  10. Select the End time

    This date will mark the end of the Booking.

  11. Click the drop down arrow on the End time field and select the time.

    In this example, 12:00 PM was selected.

  12. Click the Send button to add the Booking.

    A dialog will appear if the location is not specified.

  13. Click the Send Anyway button to send this booking without the location.

    You will be able to see the booking under the Task/Gantt section of the Resource Planner and Job Bag.

    - The assigned User will be able to capture time on this booking when they click the Auto-Fill Time button on the Timesheets screen. For more details on this feature please see Capturing time using Auto-Fill

    - When bookings are created from Outlook, they can be edited on Chase, but any changes to these Bookings will not update the allocated User's calendars.  For more details on how to edit Bookings, please see How to edit bookings via Outlook.