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The Product is the product or brand that the agency will be doing work to promote, advertise or sell.  Each client may have several products and they must be added to the Client Details form to allow for Jobs to be created for them.

A new Product cannot be added from the Job Bag.

Here's a visual demonstration for adding a Client Product

Below are steps to show you how to add Client Products.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the Client you want to edit.

    Select Clients on the Ribbon, and then select the client from the list on the Search dialog.
  2. Select the Products tab near the bottom of the screen and click the Add Product button.

  3. A blank row is added. Enter the details of the new product on the blank row.

    1. Enter the name of the product in the Product Name field. 

    2. Enter a unique number in the Product Number field. 

      Chase will automatically generate a number in this field, but it can be edited, for example to align with an accounting system.
    3. Optionally set a Category.
    4. Select the related Division from the list.  This is only applicable if you have added Divisions.
    5. Select the Contact person responsible for the product.
    6. Select the Default AE that will be responsible for all Client Jobs with this product.
    7. To indicate that this is an active Product, check the Active field checkbox.  

      The Active field checkbox is checked by default whenever you add a product.  To block the Product from being used, uncheck the checkbox.  
  4. Click the Save button on the Toolbar to make the changes permanent.