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Contacts are used when sending out documents from Chase to a client.  

Note that Client Portal Users can only be created from the Contacts on the Client Details form.

Here's a visual demonstration for adding a Client Contact

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the Client you want to edit. 
    Select Clients on the Ribbon, and then select the client from the list on the Search dialog.

  2. Click the Contact Details tab below the client number.

    The Contact Details tab is opened. 

  3. To add a new contact, click the Add Contact button.

    A blank row is added. 

  4. Enter the details of the new contact in the fields on the blank row.

    1. In the Contact Name field, enter the full name of the Contact to be displayed on various reports and documents created for them.  This is also the login name if they are to be a Portal User. This field is compulsory for new Contacts.

    2. Enter the email address to which documents for the Contact’s attention will be sent, in the Email field, 
    3. In the Phone Number field, enter the Contact’s office phone number.
    4. In the Mobile Number field, enter the Contact’s cell phone number.
    5. To indicate the department/role in which the Contact works, click the Designation field drop down and select from a list of predefined designations. You can enter a new designation if the one you need is not listed.
    6. Click the Calendar button in the Birthday field and select the Contact’s birth date from the mini calendar. 
    7. To indicate that this is an active Contact account, check the Active field checkbox. 
      To block the Contact from logging in as a Portal User, uncheck the checkbox.  By default, whenever you add a contact the Active field checkbox is checked.

      To add more details for the Contact, you can click the Advanced Edit button.

  5. Click the Save button on the Toolbar to make your changes permanent.