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A Contractor is a person that undertakes a contract to provide a service. This includes any kind of contracting, but typically it refers to Models, Voice Artists, etc. South African legislation requires your agency to be responsible for managing the contractor's details, all of their tax information, and the amounts paid to them and paid to the South African Revenue Service (SARS) on behalf of them.

Below are steps to show you how to add a new contractor.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Add New button on the Ribbon.

  2. The Add New dialog appears. Under the Main Types section, select Contractor and click the Create button.

    You can also double-click the Contractor button to open the Contractor Details form.

  3. On the Contractor Details screen, enter the First Name and Surname of the contractor. 

    Ensure that all the mandatory fields (marked in red) are completed.

  4. Enter the remaining contractor's details and click the Save button.

     Contractor Fields:
    Enter the Contractor's Title and Initials.
    Enter the nickname of the contractor in the Known As field.
    Enter the  Contractor's South African ID number.
    Enter the Contractor's Passport No if they do not have a South African ID.
    Enter the Contractor's Birthday date.
    Select the Contractor's Marital Status.
    Click the Ethnic Group field and select the appropriate group from the list. This might be required for Employment Equity purposes.
    Enter the Contractor’s cellphone number in the Mobile field. 
    If the user is not a South African citizen, enter the contractor's Visa details in the Valid Work VisaVisa TypeCountry of Visa Issue and Visa Duration fields.
    If you allocate special codes for your employees, you may enter a unique code for the Contractor in the Employee Code field. 
    To indicate the role for which the Contractor will be hired, enter the role name in the Designation field.
    In the External Company No field, enter the Contractor’s managing agency company number that may be used as a reference on related financial documents.
    In the %PAYE field, enter the legislated PAYE (Pay-As-You-Earn) percentage rate that will be deducted from the Contractor’s payments. This will be automatically calculated when a Supplier Invoice is created for the Contractor.
    In the Tax No field, enter the Contractor’s personal tax number.
    Select the category of tax that will be deducted for the Contractor from the drop down list of the Tax Status field. 
    In the IRP5 Start Date field, select a date from the Calendar dialog from which to begin generating IRP5 forms for tax filing.
    If required, click the Language field drop down to select the Contractor’s preferred language.
    To indicate that this is an active Contractor, check the Is Active field checkbox. To block the Contractor from being used, uncheck the checkbox. By default when creating a new contractor the Is Active field is checked.

    You will be able to search for the contractor using the Quick Search or navigating to the Search section on the Main Manu and selecting the Contractors button.

    Using the quick search you will be able to search across all documents by leaving the search filter drop down set to All, or you can narrow down the search by selecting Contractor. You can then search by inputting any letter that pertains to the name of the Contractor that you are looking for in the Quick Search text field. For example, when Daniel was entered, all Contractors starting with Daniel appeared in the search results, with their nicknames in brackets.

    In the Search dialog, you can search contractors by their nickname in the KnownAs column.