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Divisions are typically how a business is divided into departments, areas (geolocations) or profit centers. You may have Clients that have different products for their different Divisions. Chase allows you to set up these Divisions for reporting purposes.

Here's a visual demonstration for adding a Division

Below are steps to show you how to add a Division.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the Client you want to edit.

    Select Clients on the Ribbon, and then select the client from the list on the Search dialog.

  2. Select the Divisions tab near the bottom of the screen.

  3. Click the Add Division button below the Divisions tab.

    A blank row is added.
  4. Enter the details of the new division in the fields on the blank row.
    1. Enter the Division name in the Division field. 

      The Product Count field value will automatically increment when a Product is added to the Client under the Division tab, or decrement when a product is removed.

    2. To indicate that this is an active Division, check the Active field checkbox.  To block the Division from being used, uncheck the checkbox.  By default, whenever you add a division the Active field checkbox is checked. 

  5. Click the Save button on the Toolbar to make the changes permanent.