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A menu based Work type is a Work type linked to Task types.  This Work type allows for easy tracking of a job, as well as assigning tasks to individuals.  

For example, if you regularly create a job with the same Work types, you can group these Work types together and preconfigure an amount.  This allows you to present Cost Estimates to your clients with the relevant items and quantities displayed, but without the hours of work to be completed.  The hours will be managed within the agency using tasks and timesheets, and will not be visible to the client.

For more details on how to use this Work type, please see how to use and manage Menu Based items.

Below are steps to show you how to add a menu based Work Type.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Settings button on the Ribbon.

    The Configuration screen appears. 

  2. Click the Worktypes item in the Configuration tree.

    The Work Types screen appears. 

  3. Click on the + Add New button.

    New Work Type dialog appears. 

  4. Enter a unique name for the Work type, in the Work Type field, 

    In this example, Billboard was entered.

  5. Click the drop down arrow on the Line Type field, and select Menu Based.

    Notice that the Task Type field changes to a button called Edit Task Types, and the Unit Type is set to Units.

  6. Click the Edit Task Types button to link Task types to this Work type.

    A Menu TaskTypes dialog appears with a list of Task types, each with a checkbox and a field to add the number of hours.

  7. Select the checkbox against the Task types to be associated with the Work type.

    In this example, Concept Creation and Concept origination were selected.

  8. Enter the default number of hours required to perform each task, in the Hours field.

    In this example, 4 was entered.

  9. Click the OK button.

  10. Enter a Unit Cost for this Work type. 

    In this example, 5820 was entered.

  11. Click the Save button.

    The Work type will be listed on the Work Types screen. 

  12. Check the Internal checkbox against the Work type to ensure it is active.

    You will not be able to create a PO on this Work type.  If you need to create an order, you will have to create it from the Add New dialog on the Job.

  13. Click the Save button.

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