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A Client is a person or organization using the services of an agency. Every client that the agency will be doing work for needs to be created in Chase. Certain details loaded on the client record will be available on the subsequent jobs and/or documents.

Here's a visual demonstration for adding a new Client

Below are steps to show you how to add a new Client.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To add a new Client, click the Add New button on the Ribbon.

  2. On the Add New dialog under the Main Types section, select the Client button.

  3. Click the Create button to open the Client Details screen.

    You can also double-click the Client button to open the Client Details form.

    The Client Details screen appears. 

    Notice the automatically assigned Client number on the top left of the page. This number can be edited from the More button on the Toolbar.

  4. Enter the trading name of the Client in the Company field. 

  5. Enter the client contact details.

  6. Enter the full legal name of the company to be printed on financial documents in the Bill As field, e.g. Big Ad Agency (Pty) Ltd.

  7. In the Notes field, enter any information you may want to refer back to. 

  8. Enter financial details, such as Contra Acc#Holding Company etc.

  9. Select the agency's Report Banner that will be used on printed financial documents for the specified client.

  10. Enter the Client's address details in the fields provided.

    This address may also be used on Supplier Invoices as the delivery address.

  11. Enter the contact people in the fields provided.
    1. Select the Client AE that will be the main contact in your agency. 

      This allows for reporting on the Client AE level.
    2. Select the Inv. Controller responsible for this client's billings.
    3. Select the default client contact with whom your agency will communicate. 

      For more details on how to add a Client contact, please see how to add Client Contact.

  12. Select the Default Currency to be applied to the Client if it is different from the Agency's default currency.

  13. Optionally select the Client's Timesheet Cutoff date

  14. Select the Default Billing Category to be applied to the Client. 

  15. Click the Save button to make the changes permanent.