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An admin fee is a fee charged to the client for the responsibility of running and managing the work done. The %Above Work Type provides a way for the agency to display an additional fee for line items on the CE, for example calculating a 15% agency fee on top of all included CE line items.

Agencies who use this feature, do so based on either their agreements with a client or their internal methodology. The use of this feature is to calculate a % value for the line items above, either to the top line of all the Work Types or up to the last %above line used, on a CE.

Should you want to learn how to create an admin fee, please see Adding an Admin fee Work type. Ask your Chase Administrator to help you create a new Work type if you don't have the Users rights to do so.

Below are steps to show you how to include a standard admin fee per CE.

Step-by-step guide

  1. With the CE to which you want to add the fee open, click the Add Lines button. A new line will appear at the bottom of the Work types. 

  2. Click the drop down arrow on the new Work Type field, and select/type Admin Fee on Internal Items.

  3. Notice that the Admin Fee on Internal Items is added and it calculates all items that are above.

  4. Drag the Admin Fee on Internal items Work type and drop it on top of any Work type.

    You will notice that when you move this Work type, the value changes to only calculate all line items above.

    There is another admin fee Admin Fee on External Items that is used to charge the client for the external items on the CE. This is added in the same way as the Admin Fee on Internal Items you just added.

    If the Admin Fee on External items is added, it will be calculated based on the % assigned to all items that are above it (or up until the nearest %Above line item).