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Chase allows you to add expense costs as they occur.  You can record the expenses in a document and scan and attach the necessary invoices.  Once these are captured in Chase, they can be sent to Finance for approval.

Before you can capture any expense claims, Admin needs to create an employee as a supplier, so that the employee is given the ability to record Expense Claims. The linked user has to be the person who will create the expense claim.  See Creating an employee as a Supplier for more details.

Here's a visual demonstration for adding an Expense Claim

Below are steps to show you how to add Expense Claims.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the Job against which you want to add an expense claim.
  2. Click the Add New button on the Ribbon.

    The Add New dialog appears. 

  3. Select Expense from the Document Types section.
  4. Click the Create button.

    You can also double-click the Expense button to open the Expense Claim form.

    The Expense Claim screen appears. 

    By default, the form will display the Supplier name linked to the logged in user with all relevant information on the Job. These fields are not editable.

  5. Enter the amount of all expenses to be claimed in the Amount field.  

    Add up all the expenses for the specific week or month using the attached invoices.

  6. Enter any details about the claim in the Details field.

    In this example, Petty cash used to cover attached expenses incurred on this Job was entered.

  7. With the External Docs tab selected, click the +Add Line button to attach external documents to the Expense Claim form. 

    There are two ways of attaching external documents in the Expense Claim form.

    You can attach external documents by clicking the Submit button, or by clicking the External Docs tab > Add Line button.

    If you have multiple documents to attach, it is recommended that you use the External Docs tab to attach them as you can only use the Submit button twice. 

    A dialog appears prompting you to select the document.

  8.  Enter a short name for the document in the Reference field.

  9. Enter a description of the contents of the document, in the Description field.

  10. Ensure that the Upload Document radio button is selected, and then click the Select File button.

  11. From the explorer window that appears. Search for and select the required file.
  12. Click the Open button.

    In this example, Stationery Receipt was selected.

    The explorer window closes and the selected file name appears in the text box below the Document Link radio button.

    The attached document will appear under the External Docs tab. 

    To view the document, click the View button to the right of the attached document. To delete the document click the Delete button.

  13. Click the Line Items tab to select work types.

  14. Click the +Add Line button under the Line Items tab. 

    A line is added at the bottom to allow you to select work types.

  15. Click the Work Type drop down and select from available options.

    For this example, Stationery was selected.

    Please note: expense work types will need to be configured to be able to see them on this drop down. 

  16. Enter an Amount for this work type.

  17. Click the Save button.

  18. Add all necessary documents, work types and then click the Submit button.

    Once the Submit button is clicked the document becomes uneditable, and the status of the document changes from Draft to Awaiting Approval.

    Finance, or the user who is set up to approve the expense claim, will receive a notification about the workflow initiated. For more details on how to set up an Expense Claim workflow please see Setting up an Expense Claim Workflow.