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You can use headings, subheadings and subtotals to order and group items on a CE to make it easier to read.  Headings and subheadings are added as Work types on the CE.  This Work type is inserted above a set of Work types and will not display a value on the standard CE document.

The display of this line item may vary depending on the print option selected. 

Subtotals are inserted to sum up all the amounts that appear above it.  Various print options allow you to hide or summarize details, or display the subtotal in a different way when presenting the CE to the client.  It also allows for more custom displays as the client's requirements vary.

This functionality is also available on the PO and Tax Invoice. 

For more details on how to configure the Subtotal and Subheading Work types, please see how to create a Subtotal Work type and how to create Sub heading Work type.

Below are steps to show you how to add a heading and a subtotal to a CE. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the CE that you want to edit. 
  2. Click the Add Lines button.

    A new line is added. 

  3. Click the drop down arrow in the Work Type field, and select SUB HEADING.  

    Your agency will use a subheading Work type with a descriptive name, such as a phase name.  So you can show different phases grouped with different subheadings and subtotals. 

    This will be inserted at the bottom of the Work type.  Notice that all fields on this Work type are greyed out which means the Line Type of the selected Work type does not allow further editing.

  4. Drag the SUB HEADING Work type and drop it in the required position. 

    The Work type is highlighted with a green arrow and line to indicate where it is being dragged on the grid.  

  5. Select Add Lines to add another Work type.  

    A new line is added. 

  6. Click the drop down arrow in the Work Type column in the new line, and select SUB TOTAL from the list that appears.

    This might have another name, such as Total, Sum of above etc.

    The SUB TOTAL will be inserted at the bottom of the Work types. 

  7. Drag the Work type into the position you want it to appear. 

    The sub total Work type sums up all values above it.

  8. Click the drop down arrow on the Print button and select the relevant print option.  

    In this example, Cost Sheet (Without VAT) was selected.

    Notice that the CE report sub headings and sub totals are displayed neatly, making the information clear and easy to read.