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A menu based work type is a Work Type linked to a set of task types.

This Work type is preconfigured with the quantity, unit cost, and the number of units per task. Once a menu based work type is created, it allows traffic to easily create and assign tasks to individuals.

Below are steps to show you how to use and manage menu based work type items.

Step-by-step guide

  1. With the CE open, click the Add Lines button and select the a menu based work type in the Work Type field.

    A menu based work type can be distinguished by the icon that appears next to it.

    Notice that the work type has a default Unit Type of Units, the number of Units column is set to 1, and it displays an amount in the @Cost column as specified in the Work Type Configuration.

    Please note that you will not be able to edit the Unit Type. 
  2. Add all the work types you need and click the Save button.

  3. To manage tasks related to menu based work types, click the Shortcut Menu button and select To Job Tasks.

  4. The Create Job Tasks from this Document dialog appears. Notice that the Work Type shows all Task Types associated with it. Tasks are grouped per line item.

    Select the task you want to create by checking the checkbox on the left-hand side. 

  5. In the Assigned To field, select users to be assigned to the selected tasks.

    By default, the Assigned To field will populate with users who have previously been assigned to the selected task on other Jobs.

  6. Set the desired Start and Finish date for the selected task.

    Estimated Hours will default to what has been set up in the Work Type Configuration. The Actual Hours column will populate once time has been captured against a task.
  7. Make all changes and click the Create button.

    Tasks will be created and visible on the Job Bag and the Resource Planner.

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