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Below are steps to show you how to add a new Work type.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Settings button on the Ribbon. 

    You can also click on the Settings drop down arrow and select Chase Config.

    The Configuration screen appears. 

  2. Click the Worktypes item from the tree.

    The Work Types screen is displayed. 

  3. Click the drop down arrow on the Group Name field and select the group to which the Work type belongs. 

  4. To add a new Work type, click the + Add New button.

    The New Work Type dialog appears. 

  5. In the Work Type field, enter a unique name for the Work type. 

  6. Click the drop down arrow on the Task Type field and select the Task type to which the Work type is linked.  For more information on Task types, see Introduction to Task Types.

    A Task type must first be created before it appears on the Task Type drop down list.

  7. Enter a category name under which this Work type will be grouped in reports, in the Category field.

  8. In the Unit Type field, select the unit of measure for this cost e.g Hourly, Daily, Unit (by quantity) etc. 

  9. If you know the default rate or amount that this Work type will be charged at, enter the value in the Unit Cost field. This Unit Cost can be changed on the actual document (CE) unless restricted.

    For more details on each field, see these help topics: Task Types and Work Types.

  10. Click the Save button to save this Work type.

    The Work type will be available from the Work Types screen. 

  11. To ensure that the Work type is active, select a Markup value or ensure that the Internal checkbox is checked. 

  12. Click the Save button to save the changes made on the Work Types screen.

    The Work type created can now be used on your CE.