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An Amendment is used for client reverts on a Job (concept, artwork, major changes, etc).  These can be minor or major changes, or an addition designed to improve the Job Bag. 

Amendments can be internal or external reverts.  Internal amendments are created from within the agency and are not chargeable to the client.  External amendments originate from the client, and after a certain number of amendments, they might be billed. 

Any changes made to the Material deadline and Media Start dates, as well as the Spec fields will be updated on the Job Bag.

Amendment changes can be tracked using Revision History, which will allow Traffic to see who made changes and when, and manage the Job according to the new dates. 

Amendments have to be sent to the relevant distribution list to ensure everybody involved is aware of any changes.

 Screen layout

Amendment screen 

When you create an amendment you will notice that the amendment contains selected information from the Job Bag.  This includes the Client, Product, Element, and others.  You can also print, email, copy form from one job to another, attach external documents and create a template on the Amendment form.

 Field Help

Amendment fields

Field Name



The Client for whom the job is created.


The product or brand that the agency will be doing work to promote, advertise or sell.


The description of the work being done e.g. Brochure or Leaflet.


The name of the integrated campaign/project.


The name of the person who is designated for giving information from/or about the client. Notice that the contact person can be changed.

Customer Ref:

This field will show the Client's Code.


The medium, or type of work to be done e.g. Digital, Print Production etc.

Account Executive:

The employee that is responsible for the Client's account or person who opened the job bag. Notice that the AE for this job can be changed on the brief.


The status of the Brief e.g. Open or Final.

Presentation Date:

The client presentation date (Pitch/Concept date).

Material Deadline:

Date material will be received back from the supplier.

Production Delivery:

The date on which the final artwork is sent to the supplier to produce.

Media Start:

The go live/publication/launch date etc.


The amount of material e.g. 500 brochures.


The size of the element e.g A3.


Colours to be used in the brochure or flyer


The client's budget for the job/campaign or the hours that have been budgeted for this job.


The language that the element will be printed in e.g. English, Zulu etc.

Billing Category:

The billing category classifies the use of billing documents and transactions in business processes. A billing category summarizes various billing document types.


In the Reference field, enter a short description of the Amendment.

Revert Type

Specify if changes are requested by the agency or by the client. Agency Reverts are not chargeable to clients because they are initiated within the Agency. Client Reverts are amendments from the client, and after a certain number of Amendments, the agency might raise additional billing.

Document Type:

A document type field is used to show different types of custom brief templates.