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As a timesheet capturer, you need to ensure that time captured on your TimeSheet is correct before submitting it.

Once the TimeSheet is submitted and approved, you will not be able to make changes to the approved time.  But you can submit negative time.  For example, if you added 3 hours, you will change it to -3 hours.  This will make it zero, and therefore cancel the time that has been approved.

Please note that you will only be able to cancel time if you have not yet marked the task as complete.

Below are steps to show you how to cancel time already approved.

Step-by-step guide

Ensure that the task has not been marked as complete.

  1. Click the TimeSheets button on the Ribbon.

    The TimeSheets screen appears.

  2. Click the Log Time button to edit your timesheet.
    Ensure that you know the Task Type that you want to cancel time for before moving from this screen. 

    The Add new line dialog appears.

  3. Select the My Tasks tab.

  4. Click the drop down arrow on the My Task field, and select the task for which you want to cancel time.  

    In this example, Concept creation was selected.

  5. Ensure that a correct week or month is selected. 

    In this example, the task for which you want to cancel time was from the previous week, so the left arrow was selected.

  6. Click in the relevant day and enter your hours and minutes. 

    In this example, -3 was entered on Mon 14 to cancel two hours that were captured incorrectly.

    You log the time with a negative sign so that you can get a zero net value to cancel your time.

  7. Enter the reason for the cancellation in the Notes field, and then click Save and Close.

    The Negative Time dialog appears.

  8. Enter the reason for the time cancellation.
    In this example: Only 6 hours worked on Job 4 and the other 3 hours was research done for a different Job was entered.

  9. Click Ok.

    Notice that a line has been added with negative time.

  10. Click the Submit Time button to submit it for approval.

    Continue dialog appears with information about submitting unreviewed time. 

  11. Click Yes to continue.

    Notice that once you submit your time, the time entry becomes orange. The colour change simply means that time has been submitted and is waiting for approval from the Timesheets administrator.