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You can capture a Supplier Invoice from:

  • a PO
    Creating a Supplier Invoice from a PO links these two documents together.  This allows for accurate reporting.  It also allows you to keep track of what you have billed your clients, compared to the costs that your agency has incurred. 

  • the Add New button
    Creating a Supplier Invoice from a job using the Add New button will create an Invoice that is not related to any other document.  This is not ideal if you need to keep track of what you have billed your clients, compared to the costs that have incurred.  This will result in inaccurate reporting.   

Find out how to:

Step-by-step guide

Capturing a Supplier Invoice from a PO

Here's a visual demonstration for creating a Supplier Invoice from a PO

  1. Open the PO from which the supplier invoice will be created.
  2.  Click the Shortcut Menu on the Toolbar.

  3. Select Supplier Invoice from the list that appears.

    The Create Supplier Invoice dialog appears. 

  4. Click on the drop down arrow on the first field, and select from a list of billing options. 

    By default, new Supplier Invoices are created with billing option Capture the Full / Outstanding Value of the Purchase Order.  

    The Agency Fee % field populates by default, but only applies to a Supplier Invoice where the personal tax portion (PAYE) needs to be split from the main cost.

  5. Enter the Supplier's invoice number in the InvNo field.  

    This field is mandatory. 

  6. Click the Calendar button on the Date field and select the required date, or accept the automatically inserted current date. 

  7. Confirm the items to be captured on the Supplier Invoice, and uncheck items not to be captured. 

  8. Confirm or edit the amount to be captured. 

    The remaining columns provide information helpful to check the accuracy of the input, such as how much has been invoiced to date. 

  9. Uncheck the Create as Draft checkbox to allow the Supplier Invoice to be actioned immediately after creation.  You will tick the checkbox if you want to edit the invoice after creation.  

  10. Click the Create button.

    After creating the Supplier Invoice, the Supplier Invoice screen is opened in a Captured status to restrict editing. To edit the invoice, change the status to Draft. Please note that this depends on the Integrated Accounting package, and you may not change the status from Captured if the document has already been exported.

  11. Click the Save button on the Toolbar.

Capturing a Supplier Invoice from the Add New button

Here's a visual demonstration for creating a Supplier Invoice from the Add New button

  1. Open the Job Bag from which the Supplier Invoice will be created. 
  2. Click the Add New button on the Ribbon.

    The Add New dialog appears.  

  3. Under the Document Types section, select the Supplier Invoice button.

    You can also double-click the Supplier Invoice button to open the Supplier Credit Note form.

  4. Click the Create button.

    The Required Information dialog appears. 

  5. Enter the required date in the Billed Date field.

    The current date appears in the Billed Date field.  You can accept the automatically inserted current date, or click the Calendar button on the field to select the desired date.

  6. Enter the invoice number in the Supplier Document No field.  

    In this example, DD12345 was entered.

  7. Click the Submit button.

    The Supplier Invoice screen appears.

    Notice that the Supplier Invoice does not show any details of the supplier or work to be carried out. To inspect the Job from which the Supplier Invoice was created, click the Job button in the Go To field.

  8. Click the drop down arrow on the Supplier field, and select the Supplier that the invoice is to be created for.

  9. Click on the drop down arrow in the Attention field and select the Supplier Contact. 

    In this example, Lungelo Xoaba was selected.

  10. Enter the Supplier's quote number, if one was provided, in the Quote No field. 

  11. Enter details about this invoice in the Details field. 

  12. Click the Add Line button to add Work types that the agency is being billed for.

    An empty line is added. 

  13. Click the drop down arrow on the WorkType field and select from a list of Work types.  

    In this example, Print 20.25% was selected.

  14. Enter the number required in the Units field.

  15. Enter the amount charged by the supplier in the Amount field.

  16. Enter all the remaining Work types for the Supplier Invoice.
  17. Click on the drop down arrow on the Status field.

  18. Select Captured.

    Notice that once the status is changed to Captured, you are unable to edit some of these fields.

  19. Click the Save button on the Toolbar to save all your changes.