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Once the expense claim is created and approved by Finance, the Supplier Invoice should be captured.  A Supplier Invoice is captured so that there is a record of the supplier transaction in Chase.  Payments will be made using an Accounting package. 

Here's a visual demonstration for capturing a Supplier Invoice from an Expense Claim

Below are steps to show you how to capture a Supplier Invoice from an Expense Claim.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the approved Expense Claim document.
  2. Click the Shortcut Menu button on the Toolbar.

  3. Select Supplier Invoice.

    The Create Supplier Invoice dialog appears. 

  4.  Enter the Supplier's invoice number in the Inv No field.  

    If you have no invoice number, you can enter the date and name of the item that was purchased.  In this example, 10/07/ 2017 Lunch was entered.

  5. Click the Calendar button on the Date field and select the required date, or accept the automatically inserted current date. 

  6. Uncheck the Create as Draft checkbox to allow the Invoice to be actioned immediately after creation.  You will tick the checkbox if you want to edit the invoice after creation.  

  7. Once all details have been filled in, click the Create button.

    The Supplier Invoice appears. 

    Notice that the status on the Supplier Invoice is set to Captured. The status on the Expense Claim will automatically be updated to Invoiced once the invoice has been generated.

    Once Finance pays the appropriate Supplier, then Finance must record the payment date and change the status of the Supplier Invoices to Paid

  8. Click the drop down arrow on the Status field.

  9. Select Paid from the list that appears to complete the Expense Claim process.

    A Status > Paid dialog appears.

  10. Accept the date in the Paid Date field, or click the Calendar button to select a different date on which the user was paid.  

  11. Click the Submit button.

    The status of the Supplier Invoice changes to Paid and the user is paid the amount stated on the Invoice through the User's Accounting system.