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The Capture Supplier Invoices wizard allows you to create Supplier Invoices from Purchase Orders in bulk. You can select the Purchase Orders that you want to raise Supplier Invoices against.  These can be for a specific Supplier or Purchase Orders with a certain status.

The wizard will allow you to capture the invoice costs even when there is more than one line item on the Purchase Order.  You can also split costs and specify the amounts you want to capture.

Below are steps to show you how to capture multiple Supplier Invoices.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Wizards button on the Ribbon.

  2. The Select a Chase Wizard to begin dialog appears. Click on the Capture Supplier Invoices section.

    The Create Supplier Invoices from PO dialog appears from where you can filter Purchase Orders by Supplier, Status or Issue Date range.

  3. Select a Supplier that you want to capture Supplier Invoices for.  

  4. Click the Current PO Status field, and select Checked from the list.

  5. Select the date range in which POs were created. 

  6. Optionally enter the PO number in the Doc No field.  

    You can make changes on the incorrect PO if you do not enter a document number.

  7. Click the Next button to continue.

    The line item appears on the PO.

  8. Enter the value that you need to pay the Supplier in the To Be Captured field. 

    Notice that the Tax Amount populates by default once an amount is captured.

  9. Enter the Supplier's invoice number in the Invoice No field. 

  10. Select the payment date in the Invoice Date field.

    To view line item details for this PO, you can click the Split PO amount among line items button. You will be able to split the amount entered in step 8 above amongst the selected line items. 
  11. Click the Next button.

    All line items are displayed with relevant amounts. 

  12. Click the Finish button once you are satisfied with your changes.

    Click the Previous button to make any necessary changes if you are not satisfied. 

  13. Click the Close button.

    A green check mark next to the Invoice Date means that the process was successful.

    A red X mark next to the Invoice Date means that the process was unsuccessful. If you hover over the X mark you will be able to view details about the issue.

    The Go button will open the new Supplier Invoice.