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Chase allows you to capture time for someone else in your organisation.  This is only applicable in specific scenarios, for example a manager may require an assistant to help with recording time spent.  

Before you can capture time for someone else, this needs to be defined in Chase Config.  For more details on how to enable this feature, please see Setting up a Timesheet capturer.    

Below are steps to show you how to capture time for someone else. 

Step-by-step guide


Ensure that the Chase Config setup option has been defined to allow you to capture time for other users.

  1. Click the TimeSheets button on the Ribbon.

    The TimeSheets screen appears.

  2.  Click the drop down arrow on the User to view field. 

  3. Select the name for whom you will be capturing time.  

    If you have multiple users that you capture time for, they will appear in the drop down list. 

  4. Click the Log Time button.

    The Add new line dialog appears.

  5.  Click the My Tasks tab.

  6. Click the drop down arrow on the My Task field, and select from the tasks that have been assigned to the user.  

    In this example, Jo No - 2016/11/21 - Open: Client Meeting was selected.

  7. Choose the week for which you want to enter your time, and then click in the relevant day and enter your hours and minutes. 

    In this example, 03:30 was entered on Mon 21 for the current week.

  8. Enter additional information about work carried out on the task in the Notes field. 

    In this example the following note was entered: Meeting took less time than needed.

  9. To save the entry, click Save and Close and return to the TimeSheets screen.

    The captured time can be viewed on the TimeSheets screen.