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The My Tasks screen provides a way to view all of the tasks that have been assigned to you.  This screen provides detailed information about the assigned tasks such as the client name, job number, expected finish date and actual hours.

You can update your tasks from the My Tasks screen.

Below are steps to show you how to update tasks from the My Tasks screen.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Task button on the Ribbon.

    The My Tasks screen appears with all tasks allocated to you.

  2.  Click the Update Task button against the task you want to update. 

    In this example, the Update Task button was selected against Job 13.

    The Add new line dialog appears with all relevant job information.

  3.  Click in the relevant day and enter your hours and minutes. 

  4. Enter additional information about work carried out on the task in the Notes field. 

  5. Once satisfied with your entry, click Save and Close.

    Click Save if you want to update multiple tasks without closing this screen. Select the next task at the My Task drop down field, and enter the time for this task.

  6. Once changes have been saved you will be redirected back to the My Tasks screen.