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Any changes made to the fields on the top section of the amendment will reflect back to the spec or deadline date fields on the Job Bag.

It is recommended that Revision history is enabled to help track the changes to the Job bag.  This will ensure that Traffic can see who and when changes were made.  Traffic managers will be responsible for managing the Job according to the new dates communicated on the amendment.

Client Service will in turn be responsible for distributing changes using the amendments via email to the Job Bag distribution list members.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the amendment. 

  2. Make the spec changes to the Amendment.
    In this example the Job Deadline and Media Start dates were updated.

  3. Once specs have been changed, click the Save button to save changes made to the Amendment.

    Changes made to the specs on the Amendment will reflect automatically on the Job Bag but will remain unchanged on the original Brief..