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You can change a User's license from Timesheets, Chase Lite or Chase Full.  A license can be changed if an incorrect license has been assigned to the wrong User, or a User's role in the company changes.

Below are steps to show you how to change a User's license.

Step-by-step guide

  1. From the Configuration screen, click the Resources group to expand it.

  2. Click the Users item.

    The Users screen appears. 

  3. Against the User whose license you want to change, click the Change User License button in the License Type column. 

    In this example, the license will be changed for Berry McGraw.


    The User To License dialog appears. 

  4. Click on the drop down arrow on the New License field and select a new license from the list.

  5. Click the License User button.

    Notice that Berry McGraw's license type has changed from Timesheet to Lite.

  6. Click the Save button to make your changes permanent.