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Chase Software's customer portal provides customers ease and convenience for raising and tracking requests.  

Accessing the Customer Portal

Via email responses to issues logged via email:

In the event of you having logged a request via our email support channel, you will receive a confirmation email in response to your request. Within the body of the email received, you will find a hyperlinked Issue number. 

By clicking on the Issue number (as highlighted above), you will be redirected to the Portal's login area.

Via direct URL link to the Chase Software Portal:

You are also able to go straight to the Customer Portal via the direct URL link. Full URL -

Signing up & in to the Customer Portal

Once you have navigated to the Portal (via email or link), you will be presented with a login screen.

If you do not have a Chase Portal account yet, you will need to select "Sign up for an account". Just supply your Email address, Password and Full Name, and click Sign Up.

You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox stating your sign up has been successful. You can then happily login with your particular credentials (note: please use your email address as your Username)

Viewing and commenting on your existing requests

Now that you have successfully signed up and in to the Portal. You can now view any existing requests that have originated from your email address or your Portal account.

Once logged in, you will see a "Requests" button located in the top right area of the website. By clicking on this, it will navigate you to your requests.

Once you have navigated to your requests, you will automatically be shown your current "Open" tickets. However, via the filters available you can:

a) View requests that are closed, open or both.

b) View requests for which were created by you, or requests on which you are a participant (i.e. a request via the email channel on which you were included as a CC)

c) Filter for the request type used (i.e. which Chase Software products you have created requests for)

d) General text search for any requested you may have created

By selecting any of the requests you will be navigated to that particular request.

Now that you have navigated to your request, you are able to:

  1. See all activity and updates on the request.
  2. Provide comments on the request
    1. One is also able to view and add attachments
  3. Share the request with any other interested party
  4. Choose not be received any more email notifications pertaining to this request.

Creating requests from the Customer Portal

You are also able to create requests directly from the Portal. This would, in essence, achieve the same result as creating a request through the Chase Support email channels.

You will need to navigate to the home screen (can be done via the "Help Center" button in the top left area of the Portal)

Once on the home screen, you will be presented with a list of most popular and recent request types. If any of these do not match the criteria of your request, you may select "Browse All" to get a comprehensive listing.

Once you have selected the appropriate product support required, you will then be able to select the product's applicable request type.

Once the request type has been selected, you can happily provide a Summary and description for your request. Once complete, click Create. Your request is now processed and our support teams will assist you accordingly.

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