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Outlook provides you with many different options on how to view or arrange your calendar.  These options all display in the ribbon when you are in the Calendar section of Outlook.  If you are viewing multiple calendars, you can select the view that you prefer.

Select the links below to find out more about the available calendar views:

Day View

The Day View displays all appointments for a single day.  If you have multiple calendars selected, you can see them side by side.

Work Week View

The Work Week displays Monday through Friday.  If you have multiple calendars selected, you can see them side by side.

Week View

The Week View displays a full week Sunday through Saturday.

Month View

The Month View displays an entire month.

Schedule View

The Schedule View shows the work week during your work hours.  This view is useful for displaying multiple calendars to compare times when scheduling meetings.  The Schedule View is an alternate method of viewing calendars that allow you to easily see when events overlap, and where there is free time between those calendars.

Overlay Mode

You can view all the calendars you have permission to view in Overlay Mode.  Calendars will be overlaid in one calendar, and you can view all appointments of calendars in this calendar view.
To view calendars in overlay mode, click the small arrow next to each calendar.

The view will change to display the calendars overlaid in one calendar.