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A Credit Note is raised to return money to a Client, for example when a discount or refund is required after a Client has been billed. 

The Credit Note options available in Chase include:

  • Credit amount manually.  Allows you to enter whatever amount you need to credit.
  • Credit the Full/Outstanding value of the cost estimate.  Enter the full remaining amount to be credited.
  • Credit 50% of the Cost Estimate.  Credit only 50% of the Tax Invoice value.
  • Credit other % of the Cost Estimate.  Allows you to enter a percentage of the Tax Invoice to credit (e.g. 25%, or 75%).

 Screen layout

Credit Note screen

 Field Help

Buttons and Fields


Go To

Link to related job bag and document.


This indicates the Product being worked on.

Client's Code

Can be used for a cost center code. 


Attention field details the Contact at the Client who will be receiving the credit note.


Description can be used to name the document e.f. Credit Note for printing of shirts.

Delivery Address

Delivery Address is the destination address for Credit Note.


Allow for a brief explanation of what is being credited.


Assigned to the Credit Note upon creation.

Payment Date

Payment date populates when the Credit Note is marked as billed.

Order No

Order number provided by the Client.


Status of the document.


Category of the job which pulls through from the job bag.


Related CE number that the Credit Note was created from.


Name of the person who created the Credit Note.


Payment terms for that Client.

Export Date

Populates when exported from Chase to the relevant accounting package.

Add Line

Allows you to add an additional line item to the Credit Note.

Work Type

Worktype column where work types/list of services pull through from the Tax Invoice.

Business Unit

Business Units are profit centers or revenue streams within the agency.


%Mkup is the % markup added to the cost of the cost sheet.


Units is the quantity sold to the client which pulls through from the CE.

Tax Fee

When selected, no tax will be calculated for that specific line item.


Amount to be credited.

Exchange Rate

Exchange Rate allows users to edit the exchange rate for the Credit Note.


% TAX field shows the % TAX being charged for this document.


This is the total for all the line items on the Invoice with tax added.

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