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A Client is a person or organization using the services of an agency.

Every client that the agency will be doing work for needs to be created in Chase, and must be added before a Job Bag can be created.

 Screen layout

Client Details form

 Field Help

Buttons and Field Names


Client Details tab

This button opens a Client Details form allowing you to enter information regarding that Client.

Contact Details tab

This button allows you to add additional contacts that will be used when sending out documents from Chase to that Client.


The trading name of the Client.


The Client’s telephone number.


The Client’s fax number.

ClassificationSelect the type of business the client belongs to ie. Agency, Production,


The Client’s main contact email address.

Bill As

The full legal name of the company.


Additional information about the Client.


Select if the client is Active, Inactive, Internal, Inactive - Posting Allowed, etc. By default, the Client type will be set to Active.

Inactive - Posting Allowed - this will allow you to set the Client/Supplier inactive, but allowing final invoices to be posted.

Contra Acc#

If your agency uses a sales contra account to analyse Client billings, enter the appropriate sales account in the Contra Acc# field.

Holding Company

A company created to buy and own the shares of other companies, which it then controls.

If the Client is part of a group, select the group name from the Holding Company drop down list.

Financial Year End

The Client’s financial year end date for reference purpose.

Account Cut Off Day

The day of the month by which billings should be submitted for payment. This is not an enforced item; it only serves as a reminder

Credit Approved checkbox

If there is a credit payment agreement in place, check the Credit Approved checkbox.

Order Number Required checkbox

If this Client requires an approval number on all financial documents, check the Order Number Required checkbox.

Is Nett Billed checkbox

Is Net Billed defines the integration transaction type stated against the Client billing agreements. Export definitions must be modified before it can take effect.

User Rating

Specify the Client’s BBE User Rating by entering the percentage in the User Rating field.

Bill Without Cost EstimateSelect a user who will be allowed to bill the Client without a Cost Estimate on the Job.
Bill Without Supplier InvoiceSelect a user who will be allowed to bill the Supplier without a Supplier Invoice.
Report BannerSelect the Agency's Report Banner that will be used on printed financial documents for the specified client.
Report Code

Postal Address

The Client's address at which they receive mail or where the company is located.

Postal Code

The Postal Code of the Client's Postal Address.

Physical Address

The Client's Physical Address. This address may also be used on Supplier Invoices as the delivery address.


The City where the client is based.

Client AE

Select an Employee (User) who will be the main contact in your agency. This allows for reporting on a Client AE level.

Inv. Controller

The Inv. Controller is the Employee (User) who will be responsible for the billing for this Client.

Default Contact

The main Client Contact with whom the agency will communicate.

Payment Terms

Payment Terms are conditions under which a seller will complete a sale. Typically, these terms specify the period allowed to a buyer to pay off the amount due, and may demand cash in advance, cash on delivery, a deferred payment period of 30 days or more.

This will automatically appear on related financial documents but can be edited during entry.

Company Reg. NoEnter the Client's company registration number.

Tax No

Enter the Client’s tax reference number (South Africa uses VAT) that will show on related CEs and Tax Invoices.

Default % Tax

Enter the default sales tax rate for the agency’s region, e.g. 15%.

Default Currency

Select the Default Currency for this Client should it differ from the home currency. The option list can be defined by navigating to Config > Currency Codes.  The home currency can be defined from Config > Company Configuration > Company Details > Company Settings.

Timesheet CutoffSelect the cutoff date to restrict users from editing or creating timesheets before the cutoff date.

Default Order No

If required by the Client, enter the order number in the Default Order No field that will automatically appear on all financial documents for the Client.


This button allows you to add divisions within the Client's company.


This button allows you to add multiple products or brands that the agency will be doing work to promote, advertise or sell.


This button allows you to add campaigns if the job requires a series of jobs to be created.

Client’s Codes

This button allows you to add codes used to define a client reference number. It might be a contract number for a job/campaign or might be the reference to the agency in the client’s system.

Sent Emails

The Sent Emails tab will show the log of emails sent to any of the Contacts for the related Client.