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Chase has a copy form feature you can use to copy documents from one Job Bag to another.  If you have jobs that are very similar, you can copy forms from one job to another, or to the same job, and retain most of the information from the copied form.  This will minimise the time spent on creating new documents that have the same information from the previous job that you worked on.

Find out how to:

Copying a CE to the same Job

You can create alternate CE options used to separate Work types that will be sent to different suppliers, or to the client.

  1. Open the CE that you want to copy from.
  2. Click the More button on the Toolbar.

  3. Select Copy Form from the list that appears.

    The Copy Cost Sheet dialog appears. 

  4. Click the Copy button.
    There is no need to select another Job as you are copying the CE to the same Job.

    The CE will be copied to the same Job Bag creating two CEs that you can edit and send to client or supplier. 
    You can make as many copies as you like, just ensure that all details are correct to avoid sending the wrong CE to the client. 

Copying a CE to another Job Bag

  1. Open the CE you want to edit.
  2. Click the More button on the Toolbar.

  3. Select Copy Form from the list that appears.

    The Copy Cost Sheet dialog appears. 

  4. Click the drop down arrow on the Client field.  

  5. Select the client that you want to move the CE to.

    In this example, Juri Beauty Parlour was selected.

  6. Click the drop down arrow on the Job field.

  7. Select the job to copy the CE to.

    In this example, 189 – Open – Ladies Manicure – 200 Flyers for Ladies Manicure was selected.

  8. Click the Copy button to copy this CE to the new job.

    The copied CE will open on the Job that it was copied to. 
    Notice that the Client, Product, and other fields have changed to show information about the new Job Bag. The grid shows all line items from the previous job on this CE.

  9. Make all the necessary changes to this CE, then click the Save button.