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The CE List by Client report is a summary list of all CE's in the system. This report is grouped by client. You can also find unapproved/unbilled CE's, and ensure they are billed or cancelled as soon as possible. The report will also show the Issue Date, Status, Amount Estimated and Amount Billed. This report is mostly used by Production and Finance users.

This section will focus on the:

Cost Estimate List by Client report

  1. To view this report, navigate to Reports and search for the Cost Estimate List by Client report.
  2. Select the report and apply filters

Report columns explained:

Column name




CE number



Job Number

Job Category

4Description Combination of the Product and Job Element.
5Order NoCE order number.
6IssuedDate CE was issued.
7StatusCE status
8Est Cost

Estimated cost, as per the Cost field indicated on the CE.

9Est MarginMargin field indicated on the CE.
10%Estimated margin indicated as a percentage.
11Total Excl.Amount field on CE excluding Tax.
12Supplier CostTotal of Supplier Invoices/Credit Notes captured against PO's from this CE.
13BilledTotal of Tax Invoices/Credit Notes billed from against this CE.

Similar Reports

 Cost Estimate - List by AE

The CE List by AE report is a summary list of all CE's in the system grouped by client and AE, as set up on the Client Details.