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Proofing is the process of reviewing and approval of creative work. As a creative user, you need to send all your creative work for approval to either your manager or co-workers for approval.

Below are steps to show you how to upload a Proof.

Step-by-step guide

  1. With the Job Bag open, click the Add New button and select Proof.

  2. Click the Create button

  3. Enter a brief description of the Proof in the Description field. 

    For this example, Trish Beauty Spa Billboard was entered.

  4. Click the Deadline date picker and select a date.

     In this example, 19 March 2019 was selected.

  5. Select the deadline time

    For this example, 12:30 PM was selected.

  6. Click the Proofs tab.


  7. Click the Add External Doc button.

    The Add External Document dialog appears.

  8. Click the Existing External Documents drop down and select an existing document or add a new one.

    For this example, <Add New External Document> was selected.

  9. Click the OK button.

    The Document Upload dialog appears. 

  10. Drag and drop files or click anywhere in the dialog and select your files.

    For this example, we have dragged and dropped an image into the dialog.

  11. Click the Upload button.

    Add Reviewers/Approvers of this proof.

    The Proof will remain in uploading status until it has completed uploading. Once complete the status will change to active. Please note that when the Proof is added an External Document section is added on the Job tree. This opens the External Document for you to add a reviewer/approver.
  12. Click the Reviewers button.

    You can only add reviewers once the status of the proof is active.

  13. Click the Add Reviewer button.

    By default, the user that uploaded the proof will be added as a reviewer.

    A line is added below the default user.

  14. Click the first drop down and select the name of the user that will be reviewing/approving this proof.

    For this example, Kim was selected.

  15. Specify the deadline date for this proof by clicking the date picker in the Deadline column.

    For this example, 19 March 2019 was selected.

  16. Select the deadline time.

    For this example, 12:30 PM was selected.

  17. Set up the email notifications for the Decisions, Comments and Replies for this proof, and click the Save button.

    Once you have clicked on Save, the status will update to Sent.

    The Reviewer/Approver will receive an email and a To Do item on their Chase Home page. For more details on what the reviewer/approver does please follow this link: Receive and comment on a Proof.

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