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Chase allows you to create a Cost Estimate with line items based on Job Bag tasks.  Before converting tasks to Cost Estimate line items, you need to create Work Types that match to Task Types and configure a Unit Cost for those Work Types

Below are steps to show you how to create a Cost Estimate based on Job Bag tasks.

Step-by-step guide

  1. With your Job Bag open, click the Shortcut menu button and select Tasks To CE.

    The Create CE Line Items from this Job dialog appears. 

    The Task Type column shows all tasks from the Job bag. The Work Type column will pre-populate with all Work types that are linked to the selected Task types. 

  2. Check the boxes against all the tasks you want to appear on the Cost Estimate as line items.  

    You can select existing CEs from the drop down list on the Add to the following CE field. These line items will be added to the selected CE. If no option is selected from this field, a new CE will be created.

    In this example, Design, Copy Writing and DTP were selected.

    If the Take Across Task Notes checkbox is checked, all notes on the tasks will be copied to the related CE line item.

  3. Click the Create button.

    A new Cost Estimate is created with line items based on the Task types selected in the previous dialog

  4. Make all the required changes and save the document.

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