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An expense claim is a collection of receipts from personal spending that needs to be reimbursed by the business.  Employees can set up to capture expense claims that will be submitted for review and approval by Finance.  They must be given the appropriate rights before they can capture expense claims.  To do this, Admin or a user with appropriate rights needs to create the employee as a supplier.

When creating a Supplier, you should note the following on the Supplier Details document:

  • The default % tax for the supplier should be populated with 0%, as there isn't a VAT transaction when reimbursing the employee
  • Admin must link the employee to the Supplier.  If they are not linked, the employee will be unable to create an Expense Claim.

Below are steps to show you how to create an employee as a Supplier.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Add New button on the Ribbon.

  2. On the Add New dialog under the Main Types section, select the Supplier button and click the Create button.  

    You can also double-click the Supplier button to open the Supplier Details form.

  3. On the Supplier Details screen, enter a description in the Company field.

    We recommend a single Expenses supplier which is linked to all required employees. An alternate approach is to create a supplier per employee.
  4. Enter 0% in the Default % Tax field as there isn't a VAT transaction when reimbursing the employee.

  5. Enter the remaining relevant fields and click the Save button.

  6. Select the Linked Users tab to link the employee to the supplier and click the Add User button. 

    You can also link an employee to a supplier in Settings > Chase Config > Resources > Users > Advanced edit > Linked Supplier.

  7. A new line is added. Select the name of the employee in the User Name field and click the Save button.

    The employee is now linked to this Supplier. To create an Expense Claim please see Capturing an Expense Claim.