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You can create parent and child tasks by indenting or outdenting a task.  You can Indent a task to make it a child of the task above it.

The task at the top of the task list cannot be indented, as it will always be a parent. Please note that a Task can only become a Parent if it has not been assigned to users. If assigned, you will get an error message. 

The allocated hours of the parent gets calculated automatically based on the sum of the allocated hours of all its related child tasks.  The Start and Finish date of a parent task will also adjust automatically to the date range of its related child tasks.  You can have multiple levels of indentation.

Below are steps to show you how to create parent and child tasks on the Job Bag.

Step-by-step guide

  1. With the Job that you want to edit open, select the task that you want to update to a child and click the Indent button.

    Notice the folder icon next to the Motion Design task, this indicates that the task is a parent task and the task below it is a child task. 
    Please note that you will not be able to allocate time for the parent task but you can add time to the child task. 

  2. Select the user to be assigned to the child Task.

  3. Enter the hours to be allocated for this task in the Alloc field. 

    Notice that once you allocate hours to the child task, the allocated hours get summed up in the Alloc field on the parent.
  4. When satisfied with all your changes click the Save button.