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You can create tasks from a CE.  This saves time, and ensures that all your tasks are aligned with what you quoted the client.

Here's a visual demonstration for creating tasks from a CE

Below are steps to show you how to create tasks from a CE. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the Cost Estimate you want to create a task from. 
  2. Click on the Shortcut Menu.

  3. Select To Job Tasks from the list that appears.

    The Create Job Tasks from this Document dialog will display. 

    By default, only the Internal Line items will be considered.  

    You are able to set the default unit type against a work type for internal line items to Hours.  To avoid mistakes, make sure this is done correctly. Please get in contact with your Chase AE/AM to assist you in linking work types to task types. 

  4. Click on the drop down arrow on the Work Type field and select the correct Task type.

    If the Task type was setup against the work type, the Task Type will automatically populate. 

    Ensure that every Worktype has a Task type linked against it.  It is possible to have a 1-to-many relationship (1 work type, many task types), but 1 work type = 1 task type is best practice and is recommended.  Aligning the descriptions assists with reporting.

    Create tasks from a CE with an approved status rather than a final status, even though no status is required to create the task.

  5. Select the resource to which this task must be assigned in the Assigned To field. 
    In this example, Francine and Adam are assigned to the Print Production task.

  6. Confirm the dates in the Start Date and the Finish Date fields. 

  7. Enter the hours it will take for this task to be finished in the Available Hours field. 
    In this example, 24 was entered.

  8. Select the remaining work types and assign resources and time to them, then click the Create button.

    You are able to create tasks multiple times from the CE, but this can result in not knowing how much you have tasked to date.

  9. Click through the Job Bag details page to make any other changes, like assigning a deliverable or sending a message, and then click the Save button.