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In Chase, a Job bag can be assigned a Status which is selected from a predefined list of available options.  Each of these predefined Statuses have business rules associated with them that define the conditions for a Job to move from one Status to the next.

These business rules are static and pre-configured.  For example, when the Job status is in a Closed status, then no transactions can be processed, and no documents can be created on the Job bag.  These statuses are standard, and are already pre-configured by the system.

You can also create custom statuses for the Job, and customize each status, in terms of allowing transactions and document creations.

Below are five additional, configurable statuses. 

These should be configured as follows:

  1. Open

    All Transactions is checked. This means that any transaction and/or document can be processed, including time logging.  Processed as current system Open status. 

  2. Traffic Closed

    Allow CE/PO, and Allow Invoices are checked. No new text documents can be added to the Job, or time logged. Note that on the Job bag, for this status to be approved and move onto the next one, all time that has been logged must be approved. Only applicable when the Timesheet Approvals feature had been enabled. 

  3. Production Closed

    Allows Invoices is checked. No text documents can be created; no POs or CEs may be raised; and no time can be logged on this Job.  Note that on the Job bag, for this status to be approved, all the items have been ordered and the actual cost (supplier invoice) has been captured.

  4. Finance Closed

    No columns are checked. No new transaction and/or document of any kind can be processed on the job. Processed as current system Closed status. Note that on the Job bag, for this status to be approved, the job must be fully reconciled. 

  5. On Hold

    No columns are checked. No transaction of any kind may be processed on the job. Note that on the Job bag, the status can be reverted to its previous status, and all activity related to that status will be able to resume.