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Below are steps to show you how to set up TimeSheet settings.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to Settings and click on Global Settings.

  2. On the Global Settings screen, select the Timesheet Settings tab and click the Timesheet Cutoff Date field, and indicate a date from which Users will be prevented from editing or creating timesheets.   

  3. To prevent users from marking a task as complete if no time has been captured against it, check the Require Time for Task Completion checkbox

  4. To create a new entry whenever time is entered against a specific Task, check the Multiple Time Entries per Task checkbox. 

    To create only one entry for a specific Task that is updated whenever time is entered against it, leave the checkbox unchecked.

  5. To ensure that timesheets are submitted for approval, check the Enable TimeSheet Approvals option. 

    To disable TimeSheet Approvals, uncheck the checkbox. 

  6. Check the Requires Time decline reason checkbox to make it mandatory for Traffic Managers to provide a reason when declining time.

  7. Check the Requires reason for negative time input checkbox to make it mandatory for Users to provide a reason when entering negative time

  8. To allow other Users to capture time for someone else, check the Enable Subordinate TimeSheet Line Editing checkbox.

  9. Check the Require Notes on Internal Time checkbox to make notes mandatory on internal time.

  10. Enter the number of days after which a reminder will be sent about outstanding time entries in the Reminder For Days field. 

    Chase will need to set up these reminders to be sent out via email to the timesheet administrators or timesheet users.  Please contact Chase Software or speak to your Chase Account Manager to set this up.  

  11. Enter the Default Target Working Hours for the entire agency.

    You can also setup each individual target working hours if different from the default. This can be set up on the User Details dialog
  12. Enter the Default Employee Billable % to be used to calculate available hours on the RP.

  13. From the Working Days section, select the checkbox against the days on which a timesheet reminder must be sent.

  14. Save changes made to the screen.