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If you have sufficient user rights, you can view and edit the Tasks of all users from the All Tasks screen.  Management users can update multiple Tasks from one view, while Traffic and Project Managers can do a bulk update across a campaign or across multiple jobs.

Find out how to:

Updating or changing tasks from the All Tasks screen

  1. Click the All Tasks button on the Ribbon.

    A Load All Data dialog will appear warning you about loading all tasks in the system. 

  2. Click the Yes button to view all tasks in the system, or click the No button to only show tasks that have been assigned to you as a Traffic person or Administrator.

    In this example, the No button was selected.

    The All Tasks screen opens. This will show you the necessary information relating to the Task, for example the Client, Product, Start and Finish dates.  You will also notice that this screen has a filter applied to it.

  3. To update tasks for a particular job, click the Go to Job button.

    The Job Bag is opened.  

  4. Select the line that you want to update or change.  

    In this example, the task dates will be changed.

  5. Change the dates in the Start Date and Finish Date fields.  

  6. Once satisfied with your changes, click the Save button.

Filtering for a specific Campaign from the All Tasks screen

Filtering information on the All Tasks screen is setting conditions so that only certain information is displayed on the screen.  Filtering makes it easier to focus on specific information.  You can filter Job Campaign, Company, Job No, Product Name, Start Date etc. from the All Tasks screen.  

  1. Click the All Tasks button on the Ribbon.

  2. Click the Filter button on the Toolbar.

    A filter dialog appears. 

  3. Click on the drop down arrow on the Field column, and select Job Campaign from the list that appears.

    Notice that the Comparison field is populated with is equal to as the comparison for what has been selected in the Field column.

  4. Select the relevant option in Comparison field, and then enter the campaign you want to filter on in the Value field.
    In this example, the campaign Summer Look was entered.

  5. Once satisfied with your filters, click the Apply Filter button.

  6. Once the filter is applied, click the Close button.

    Notice that a filter has been applied to this screen and it only shows job tasks that are related to the filtered campaign.