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Estimated Billing Date is used to specify the expected date on which invoices will be created. Estimated Billing Date is often used with Percent Likelihood. Percent Likelihood indicates how confident you are that a Cost Estimate will be billed. 

The Estimated Billing Date and Percent Likelihood fields are not visible on the Cost Estimate by default, and need to be activated. The Estimated Billing Date field will be used for forecasting reporting within Chase Insight.  

Chase Insight

Cost Estimate Billing Forecast Report

Forecasted short-term income from unbilled CEs per month that relies on the "Estimated Billing Date" on Chase.

The report can be found under Financial > All Financial Reports > CE Billing Forecast Report

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Settings button on the Ribbon.

    The Configuration screen appears. 

  2. Click the Company Configuration group to expand it.

  3. Select Translations.

    The Translations screen appears. 

  4. Click the Adjust Field Order tab.

  5. Click the drop down arrow on the Form field, and select Cost Sheet.

  6. Click on the Estimated Billing Date field to add the Can Edit and Can Vieicons. 

    The Can Edit () button indicates that a field will be editable by a User with the selected user right.

    The Can View () button indicates that a field will be visible to a User with the selected user right.

  7. Click the Advanced View button.

    The Advanced View dialog appears. 

  8. Click the Estimated Billing Date field to select the user rights that are able to view or edit this field.

    The Advanced View dialog shows all user rights that are able to view or edit the selected field.

  9. Check the Can View checkbox against a user right to make the Estimated Billing Date field visible, and check the Can Edit checkbox to make the field editable. 

    The user with the specific rights can view and edit the Estimated Billing Date field on a Cost Estimate.

  10. Click the Close button.

    Navigate to your Cost Estimate, where the field will be visible and editable if you have the correct user rights.

  11. To enable the Percent Likelihood field, repeat step 6-10.