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The Work Type Funds Transfer is used to make cost adjustments on billed CE line items. This feature can be used if a cost has been captured incorrectly on an Invoiced CE, or you billed a line item as  Internal when it should have been External.  Instead of re-generating the invoice, you can use the Work Type Funds Transfer feature to provide for the billed cost. 

Below are steps to show you how to enable the Work Type Funds Transfer feature.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Settings button on the Ribbon.

    The Configuration screen appears.

  2. Click the Company Configuration group to expand it.

  3. Click the Company Details item from the group.

    The Company Details screen appears.

  4. Click the Company Settings tab. 

  5. Click the drop down arrow on the Perform Cost Adjustment from a CE field.

  6. From the list that appears, select the user right that will be required to perform a cost adjustment.

    In this example, Production was selected.

  7. Click the Save button.

    To use this feature, see Work Type Funds Transfer

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