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An expense claim is a collection of receipts from personal spending that need to be reimbursed by the business.  Each department in your organization can add an employee to record everyone's expenses, then submit the expense claim to be reviewed and approved by Finance.

Admin needs to create an employee as a supplier to enable the employee to capture Expense Claims.  Once the Supplier is created and an employee linked to the Supplier, you will be able to see the Expense document under the Add New - Document Type section.

 Screen layout

Expense Claim screen

 Field Help
Fields and ButtonsDescription
DateShows the date that the Expense Claim is created.
SupplierDisplays the name of the Supplier linked to the user creating the Expense Claim.


The Client name pulls through from the Job Bag form.
IssuerName of the person creating the Expense Claim.
DescriptionThe Expense Claim description is automatically populated with the detail from the Job Bag, which is a combination of the Product and Element fields.

The Status indicates the point at which the document is. The status options will include the following by default, but additional options may be added within Lookup Codes:

  • Draft: At creation, the Expense Claim is in Draft which will allow editing of the form. By default, you will not be able to change the status of the form as this field is uneditable. However, the status will change once the Expense Claim has been submitted.

  • Awaiting Approval: When the User clicks Submit, this actions the start of the workflow, and the status changes to Awaiting Approval. This acts as the interim status until the claim is approved or declined.

  • Declined: When Finance declines the Expense Claim with reason and sends it back to the User.

  • Approved: When Finance approves the Expense Claim.
AmountThe amount is added based on the total amount of all receipts attached to the Expense Claim.
DetailsAdd details about the Claim.
SubmitSubmit the Claim for approval.
CancelCancel the Expense Claim.
Line Item tabYou can add line items (Work types) to be paid.
External Docs tabAllows you to attach external documents, and all attached documents will appear under this tab.