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Here's the latest info on new features, improvements, and bug fixes for Chase 6 version 6.309 and 6.310. We will add info about new updates as they are rolled out on a monthly basis. Please note that Resource Planner is only available on version 6.310. 

Release Month - May 2022

Version: 6.310.8153.19474

IMPROVEMENTS    Server Setup - SSL for Email server settings can now be set up per company (rather than only globally).

Release Month - April 2022

Version: 6.310.8153.19474

IMPROVEMENTS     Work Types - You can now copy a Group of Work Types to create a new Work Type Group. Details from the previous group will be copied to the new group, for example: Unit Cost, Markup, Unit Type, etc.  

IMPROVEMENTS     Client Details - Improvements to the search results when viewing all jobs related to the selected Client.

IMPROVEMENTS     Timesheet Import - If your calendar entry has a Customer No or Name matching a Chase Client (preceding a split character), the Client name will automatically be populated in the Import Timesheet dialog.  

Release Month - February 2022

Version: 6.310.8083.36076

IMPROVEMENTS     Tax - Cater for displaying special Levies (Taxes) on the UI (eg. for countries like Ghana).

Version: 6.310.8075.33453

IMPROVEMENTS    Timesheets - You now have the option to include or exclude timesheet notes from being copied when using the Copy Entries to different week feature. 

Version: 6.310.8075.20808

IMPROVEMENTS    Advanced Copy - You can now include task assignees when copying jobs using the Advanced Copy functionality. 

Version: 6.310.8069.19970

IMPROVEMENTS    Job Tasks - You can now plan backward from the last Task Due date on the Job Tasks.

IMPROVEMENTS    Cost Variances - You can now click the Export Error button to view error messages on the Cost Variance statement. 

Version: 6.310.8067.21337

IMPROVEMENTS    Disciplines - You can now use Job Business Unit when configuring Additional Conditions for Disciplines.

Release Month - December 2021

Version: 6.310.8014.20325

IMPROVEMENTS    Request for Quote and Quote - You can now see work type notes on the Request for Quote dialog and on the Quote. 

Version: 6.310.8010.23751

IMPROVEMENTS    Invoice Creation Dialog - Added an override for whether Units should change according to Amount/Percentage changes on Invoice Creation Dialog.

Release Month - November 2021

Version: 6.310.7990.36610

IMPROVEMENTS    Translations - You can make individual fields on the User Details dialog visible/editable per user right. This is done in the Translations setup.

Release Month - October 2021

Version: 6.310.7961.27837

IMPROVEMENTS    Briefs and Notes- You can now use the Toggle Right Click Context Menu to switch between using the browser and the Chase spell check on the text editor section of the Brief.

Version: 6.310.7950.20857

FEATURE    Timesheet Import - You can now import time from your Google calendar appointments/meetings

FEATURE    Exchange Rates - Chase can now import exchange rates automatically from

Release Month - September 2021

Version: 6.310.7934.28321

IMPROVEMENTS   Timesheet Import - You can structure a calendar event title so that Chase can identify and automatically populate the correct Client.

Release Month - August 2021

Version: 6.310.7913.27080

IMPROVEMENTS     Timesheets - Timesheet Notes can now be automatically populated with notes or description from the task. This is done when traffic assigns tasks to employees. It first populates task notes. If that's blank it will populate the task description. If that's also blank, it leaves the timesheet notes blank.

Version: 6.310.7899.24437

IMPROVEMENTS     Resource Planner - Improvements to Internal Tasks:

      • You can assign an internal task to a whole traffic division.
      • You can log time against an internal task created from the resource planner. 
      • You can delete internal tasks created from the resource planner by right-clicking on the task and selecting Delete Task.
      • You can now add planning notes for an employee in their User Details. These give the planner relevant information when assigning tasks to an employee. Planning notes can be viewed on the Resource Planner by hovering over the asterisk next to a user's name.

IMPROVEMENTS     Timesheet Import - You can create Outlook Categories with similar names to Chase Task Types. When importing time, the Outlook Category will be used to populate the Chase Task Type where a match is found.

IMPROVEMENTS     CRM - The Contact Phone column on the Opportunities screen and Contact Number field on the Edit Opportunities dialog have been changed to Contact Details.   

Release Month - July 2021

Version: 6.310.7870.28738

IMPROVEMENTS     Purchase Order - There is now a link between the "Can Edit Purchase Order Date" on Production Rights to the Date on the Create PO dialog. Only users with a specified right will be able to update the Date field on the Create PO dialog.  

Version: 6.310.7863.25383

IMPROVEMENTS     Company Details - You can now add your company logo so that it appears on printed documents.

IMPROVEMENTS     Timesheet Import - You can now switch between companies (Config) if you are allocated on Jobs that span across multiple configs on the Import Timesheets dialog. 

Version: 6.310.7863.25383

IMPROVEMENTS     Production Rights - You can now restrict user rights who will be allowed to change the PO date on the Create Purchase Order dialog. This can be managed under Look-up Codes > Productions Rights > Can Edit Purchase Order Date. 

Version: 6.310.7863.25383

IMPROVEMENTS     Company Settings - You can now upload a default company logo that will be displayed on printed documents. 

IMPROVEMENTS     Import Timesheets - If your agency uses multiple companies, you can now switch between companies when using the Import Time functionality.

Version: 6.310.7858.12874

IMPROVEMENTS     Advanced Copy Wiz - This functionality can now be accessed and used by Lite license users. The Job Category and Campaign options have now been added to the advanced copy wizard

IMPROVEMENTS     Web Links - Web Links can now link to an Image

Release Month - June 2021

Version: 6.310.7838.19122

FIXED     Resource Planner - Fixed an issue where the remaining hours on a multi-user task were calculating based on the entire task, rather than the selected user.

IMPROVEMENTS    Resource Planner - Completed tasks now drop off the RP unless if they have time captured on the current day. In this case, time captured on the day will be displayed on the RP. 

FEATURE     Resource Planner - You can now click the Include Overdue checkbox if you want to keep incomplete, overdue tasks visible on the Resource Planner.

IMPROVEMENTS    Resource Planner - You can now remove Internal tasks that are no longer required by setting the task hours to 0 and marking the task complete. This will remove the task from both the user's task list and the Resource Planner.

FIXED    Public Holidays - Chase has implemented a script that will update Public Holidays on a yearly basis. 

Release Month - May 2021

Version: 6.310.7814.27240

IMPROVEMENTS    Timesheets - You can now edit actual time (Hours Column) on the Auto-fill time functionality.

FIXED    Job Bag- Fixed an issue where a "Registering duplicate component if (assignedToComboBox)" error occurred when navigating to a Job Bag. 

Version: 6.310.7810.26868

FIXED    Job Bag- Fixed an issue where a user was unable to save a Job Bag when more than 4000 characters in remarks.

IMPROVEMENTS    Reports - The CE, Tax Invoice and PO report layout has been improved. The report header details will only display fields that have been filled in/selected and the rest will be hiddenAdditionally, a Due Date can be displayed on Tax Invoice and Credit Note reports, based on a Payment Terms calculation (requires setup). This update is available on request. Please contact or speak to your Chase Account Manager.

 Click here to read more

The following fields get hidden if not used/selected on the CE layouts:

  1. Campaign
  2. Category
  3. Product
  4. Contact (Attention)
  5. Payment Terms
  6. Order No

The following fields get hidden if not used/selected on the Tax Invoice and Credit Note layouts:

  1. Campaign
  2. Category
  3. Product
  4. Order No
  5. Contact (Attention)
  6. Payment Terms

The following get hidden if not used/selected on the PO layouts:

  1. Campaign
  2. Category
  3. Payment Terms
  4. Contact (Attention)
  5. Order No

IMPROVEMENTS    Reports - With the report update above, you can now add a Free Text worktype which will allow you to display notes as work types when printing relevant documents (e.g. CEs, Tax Invoices, Credit Notes, etc.). The print option "Cost Estimate With Notes As Worktype" has been discontinued.

Release Month - April 2021

Version: 6.310.7782.24852

FIXED    Reports- Fixed an issue where creating a Job off an Opportunity removed the link to the job bag. 

FIXED    Opportunities - Fixed an issue where adding multiple Opportunities would not clear details. 

Version: 6.310.7768.26838

FIXED    Resource Planner - Fixed an issue where you could not prioritise Tasks by moving them around. RP Tasks are now ordered by due date. 

Release Month - March 2021

Version: 6.310.7731.17791

FIXED    Welcome Email - New Chase users will now receive a welcome email with a link to log into the system.  

Release Month - February 2021

Version: 6.310.7717.32262

FIXED    Expense Claims - You are now forced to add lines (Work Types) before submitting an Expense Claim. 

FIXED    Brief Templates - Fixed an issue where applying a Brief template created from an old Job Bag pulled through the old Job Deadline and Media Start dates.

FIXED    Disciplines - Fixed an issue where data was being duplicated on disciplines that included the Job Category. 

Version: 6.310.7713.28050

IMPROVEMENTS    Workflow Approval History dialog - Added extra Workflow Approval History information detailing sequence steps ie Last User/Action and Next User/Action. 

Version: 6.310.7704.31138

FIXED    Wizard - Fixed an issue where the Worktype Fund Adjustments Wizard was not using local currency consistently. 

Version: 6.310.7703.27225

FIXED    Timesheet Lockout - Fixed an issue where the Day of the Week-based lockout was not locking people out.     

Release Month - January 2021

Version: 6.310.7698.38346

FIXED    Time Tracker - Fixed an issue where the Time Tracker dialog was not displaying the Job number.

FIXED    Resource Planner - When trying to email a Task from the Resource Planner does not show uploaded External Files.

FIXED    Supplier Details - Allow Linked Users functionality when Suppliers are disabled for Nav integrations.

Version: 6.310.7698.20285

IMPROVEMENTS    Expense Claims - You can now delete a claim and related lines. 

FIXED    Expense Claims - Fixed an issue whereby line items on Expense Claim were not inserted with a work type name and line type.

FIXED    Expense Claims - Fixed User Rights for Approving, Submitting, Cancelling, and Deleting of Expense Claims. 

Version: 6.310.7690.31708

FIXED    Resource Planner - Fixed an issue where editing hours on a Task that runs for multiple days was overriding and clearing hours on the Resource Planner.

Version: 6.309.7683.15857 / 6.310.7683.16007

IMPROVEMENTS    Cost Sheet - Display Total Margin % on Cost Sheet.

IMPROVEMENTS    Tasks - More Job Task email template options

Release Month - December 2020

Version: 6.309.7661.32746 / 6.310.7661.33189

FIXED    Tasks and Timesheets - Fixed an issue where traffic was able to remove an assigned user from a Task that they have logged time against.  

Version: 6.309.7661.18351 / 6.310.7661.18919

IMPROVEMENT     Invoice Details - Added a View to List Scheduled Invoice details for Insight to report on.

FIXED    Resource Planner  - Fixed an issue where planned hours for removed users were not updating. 

Version: 6.309.7648.16079 / 6.310.7648.18505

IMPROVEMENT    Timesheet and Tasks  - Improvements on Change Tracking speed and LastUpdatedBy user. This will disable the default tracking of Timesheet and Task tables.

Release Month - November 2020

Version: 6.309.7613.23458 / 6.310.7613.23930

FIXED    Password Policy - Enforcing a Password change on old and new Chase users. 

FIXED    Warn users if password hashing is not enabled. 

Release Month - October 2020

Version: 6.309.7600.20391 / 6.310.7600.27531

FIXED    Document Search - Fixed an issue where searching for All Documents on the Search dialog would time out.

Version: 6.309.7592.17933 / 6.310.7592.18376

IMPROVEMENT    PDF Reports - PDF Security on Reports now allows Fill and Sign feature in Adobe.

Version: 6.309.7584.20485 / 6.310.7584.23588

IMPROVEMENT    Chase HD icons - Improvements made to Chase 6 UI and HD icons.

Release Month - September 2020

Version: 6.309.7578.25856 / 6.310.7578.27014

IMPROVEMENT    CE - You now have the ability to change the CE Client & Product field so it's different to the Job Client & Product.

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FIXED    Timesheets - You can now control which Production Right can edit the Invoice Controller field on Client Masterfile.

FIXED    Job Bag - (Billing Reminder) fixed an issue where the Setup Billing Reminder for Cost Estimate dialog was not saving the selected recipient and returning an error.  

Release Month - August 2020

Version: 6.309.7559.21222 / 6.310.7559.21460

IMPROVEMENT    Timesheets - You can now import Weekend time. This can be configured in Global Settings > Timesheet SettingsShow Weekends when using Import Timesheets:

Release Month - July 2020

Version: 6.309.7510.27896 / 6.310.7510.28547

IMPROVEMENT    Client and Supplier - You can now see the Customer/Supplier No in the Client/Supplier drop downs. 

FEATURE     Report Banners - You now have the ability to configure multiple Logo/Banner Heads on the UI.

Click here to

FIXED    Wizards - Fixed an issue where Bulk Job Status Change Wizard gave an error message where the Can Change From/To Rights were incorrectly checked.  

Version: 6.309.7510.27896 / 6.310.7510.28547

IMPROVEMENT    Timesheet - Timesheet Import (automation)

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Version: 6.309.7499.26685 / 6.310.7499.28310

IMPROVEMENT    Application linking - Linking Enhancements: My Personal Links.

Version: 6.309.7499.26685 / 6.310.7499.28310

IMPROVEMENT    CE - Improved CE summary page

IMPROVEMENT    User - View Active Only checkbox will now also show inactive users with a License.

IMPROVEMENT    Login screen - Wiki Help button added to the login screen. 

Release Month - June 2020

Version: 6.309.7479.32582 / 6.310.7479.37448

FEATURE      Chase Help System with Livechat and Context sensitive Help

Click here for more details on Livechat

Version6.309.7466.16535 / 6.310.7466.18740

IMPROVEMENT      Additional Job Search Fields: Delivery Date, Due Date, Customer Ref, Sub Category

 Click here to see more

Release Month - May 2020

Version6.309.7446.28342 / 6.310.7446.28731

FIXED     External Document - Fixed issue where browsing multiple documents in a row would cause errors

 Click here to read more
  1. Open the Job that holds external documents that you want to view.
  2. On the side navigation of the Job, click on External Documents.
  3. All external documents that have been attached are displayed.
  4. Click the View File button next to the relevant attachment
  5. The File will be displayed on your browser (Chrome, Fire Fox, Mozilla, etc) or downloaded to your machine.

Version: 6.309.7437.25119 / 6.310.7437.28111

FIXED     PO - Fixed issue where creating a PO from a template would add a zero cost.

IMPROVEMENT    Job - You now have the ability to copy a Closed Job.

FIXED     External Document - Fixed issue where documents ending in a space would cause an error.

FIXED     Workflow Setup - Fixed issue where you could not use the Between option on Additional Filters.

Release Month - April 2020


IMPROVEMENT    Business Unit - Configurable to be available across all Companies or a specific Company.


FIXED     Exchange Rates - Aligned logic for billing of the CE and billing off the Job.

Version: 6.309.7401.14456 / 6.310.7401.18451

IMPROVEMENT    Proofing - When adding the Job Distribution List as approvers, include the Job AE too.


FIXED     Configuration - Correctly storing changes when clearing out Email and From Email Address on Company Details.

IMPROVEMENT    Workflow Setup - Groups have been made available as Participants on the "Task Hours" workflow.

IMPROVEMENT    Workflow Setup - "Job Category" has been made available as an Additional Filter for all Workflows

Release Month - March 2020

Version6.309.7395.25722 6.310.7395.26577

FIXED     Create Invoice - Allows billing of a zero amount CE line item with -100% Markup.

Version6.309.7394.20158 6.310.7394.20441

IMPROVEMENT    Changes to better cater for multi-company tasking/searching

IMPROVEMENT    Font colour for disabled text is now darker to allow for Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Version6.309.7390.34673 / 6.310.7390.37703

FIXED     Moving Time - Fixed error where time already existing in the destination week.

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Version6.309.7375.25086 / 6.310.7375.25258

FIXED     Workflow - Fixed calculation for "Hours logged are equal or more than {Value} of Budget Hours" workflow.

Version6.309.7374.15157 / 6.310.7374.17220

FIXED     Quote - Fixed error when creating a PO from a Quote.

Version6.309.7369.27107 / 6.310.7369.28190

FIXED     Users - Fixed an error where some active Designations would not display.

Release Month - February 2020


IMPROVEMENT    Timesheet License - Timesheet Users can now view Briefs and Amendments.

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FIXED     AD Authentication - Fixed bug when using UPN format usernames.

Version6.309.7355.21179 / 6.310.7355.21503

FIXED     CE - Fixed issue where duplicate lines could occur when the Multiple Unit Types feature is enabled.


FIXED     Timesheets - current day now uses configured Time Zone rather than server Time Zone.

Version6.309.7347.38047 / 6.310.7348.14276

FIXED     Quick search - now caters for leading and/or trailing spaces when pasting numbers.

FIXED     Workflow - fixed issue where Job Tasks / Task Completed workflow would not populate a "from" user.

FIXED     Revision History - fixed issues where system changes could be attributed to a user, or where the user who made changes was not tracked.


IMPROVEMENT    Timesheet License - Timesheet Users can now search for Jobs.

IMPROVEMENT    Linking - Improvements to listing of Basecamp To-Do List / Project.


IMPROVEMENT    My Tasks - You can now view Job Brief History by clicking on the Job Number.

Release Month - January 2020

Version6.309.7335.26626 / 6.310.7335.26823

FIXED     Timesheets - Fixed issue where Campaigns may not load on the Add Time dialog.

FIXED     Recurring Invoices - Fixed issue where recurring decimals could cause minor miscalculations.

Version6.309.7326.26137 / 6.310.7326.26921

FIXED      Text Documents - Improved preview /pdf loading speed.

Version6.309.7324.22337 / 6.310.7324.22544

FIXED      Amendment - fixed potential knock-on from another feature which could prevent the creation of Amendments.


IMPROVEMENT     Workflow - made Business Unit Distribution lists available as Workflow participants.

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Release Month - December 2019

Version6.309.7293.15741 6.310.7293.16156

IMPROVEMENT    Workflow - Made 'In List' and 'Not In List' available as options in Additional Filters.

Version6.309.7289.36408 / 6.310.7289.36646

IMPROVEMENT    Task Email - Link Brief/Amendment will now be attached to the Task email by default.

FIXED    Task Email - Emailing a task from Resource Planner now pulls through the correct email template.

Version6.309.7283.20951 / 6.310.7283.20601

FIXED     Quickbooks Online - OAuth2 migration.

Release Month - November 2019

Version: 6.309.7269.23962 / 6.310.7269.30000

FEATURE     Timesheets - You can now log time directly from a Job.

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Version: 6.309.7268.37272 / 6.310.7268.37317

FIXED     Task to CE - Fixed calculation issue on decimal time input.

Version: 6.309.7262.16602 / 6.310.7262.16772

IMPROVEMENT   Client / Supplier - Added "Inactive - Posting Allowed" type to allow for setting a Client / Supplier inactive, but allowing final invoices to be posted.

Version: 6.309.7261.19750 / 6.310.7261.19830

FEATURE    Linking - New feature to link Chase with JIRA, Basecamp, Teams, MS Planner.

Version: 6.309.7254.32377 / 6.310.7254.32597

IMPROVEMENT   CE to Job Tasks - Now includes all line items where Unit Type is "Hours".

Version: 6.309.7249.33494 / 6.310.7250.11013

FIXED    "Bill For Time - Ability to configure rate base on Work Type vs User Rate"

FIXED    Resource Planner - Improvements to task prioritsation logic and drag & drop

Release Month - October 2019

Version: 6.309.7241.24713 / 6.310.7241.24777

IMPROVEMENT    Client - Added default Business Unit.

Version: 6.309.7233.33507 / 6.310.7233.34542

IMPROVEMENT    Client - Added default Billing Category.

IMPROVEMENT    Client - Added Report Code on Client and Product level.

FIXED     Expense Claims - Fixed issue with creating Supplier Invoice from Expense Claim.

Version: 6.309.7230.18112 / 6.310.7230.18106

IMPROVEMENT     Work Type, Task Type, User - Consolidated Category concept, so these all use the same list.

FIXED     Intercompany Fixes

FIXED     Report Banner on BU functionality

Release Month - September 2019

Version: 6.309.7192.24912 / 6.310.7192.26210

FIXED     Foreign Currency - Fixed issue where Invoice creation off the Job Bag would display incorrect "To Be Billed" amount.

Version: 6.310.7191.20583

FIXED     Resource Planner - Fixed an issue where reordering a task could set the allocated time to 0h.

Version: 6.309.7187.28974 / 6.310.7187.32925

IMPROVEMENT    CRM - Allow to view all Assignees from the Leads page when in manager view

IMPROVEMENT    CRM - Allow editing of the Last Action notes from the Advanced Edit page

Release Month - August 2019

Version: 6.309.7173.15224 / 6.310.7174.21459

FIXED    Contractors - Always performs a uniqueness check on External Company No and Employee Code. Configurable uniqueness check on ID / Passport Number.

FIXED    Work Types - fixed an issue with enforcing unique work type names

Version: 6.309.7170.30949 / 6.310.7170.39059

FIXED    Brief - Fixed issue with copying and pasting pictures and text from MS Word

FIXED    Expense Claims - Fixed issue where Credit Notes didn't get included to the total "Invoiced" values when creating a new Supplier Invoice from a Credit Note.

FIXED    Expense Claims - Fixed calculation for "To be ordered" value in "Create Invoice" dialog

IMPROVEMENT    Expense Claims - You can now invoice more than the value of the Expense

IMPROVEMENT    Expense Claims - Added Total column to the bottom of the Expense Claim line items

Version: 6.309.7167.23792 / 6.310.7167.22482

FEATURE    Move Costs - New option to Move Tasks between Job

Click here for more...

Version: 6.309.7153.25638 / 6.310.7153.25696

IMPROVEMENT   Declare Margin - Declare Margin wizard UI improvements

Click here for more...

Release Month - July 2019

Version: 6.309.7135.33628 / 6.310.7135.32219

IMPROVEMENT    Timesheet Cutoff - Option added to configure cutoff per Client.

Version: 6.309.7131.31203 / 6.310.7131.31845

IMPROVEMENT    Added Income Type setup to the UI for Billing Category and Job Category

Release Month - June 2019

Version: 6.309.7111.24199 / 6.310.7111.24335

IMPROVEMENT    Workflow - made PO Approver available as Workflow participants on Supplier Invoice and Supplier Cr Note Workflows

Release Month - May 2019

Version: 6.310.7075.24458

FIXED    Remove "dev" from 6.310 version number

Release Month - April 2019

Version: 6.309.7058.21239 / 6.310.7058.21379dev

FIXED    Notify dialog - fixed issue where pasted contents may be pasted twice

FIXED    Fix to Autofilling of Passwords on the Config and Global Settings Pages

Version: 6.309.7046.23159 / 6.310.7046.23687dev

IMPROVEMENT    Linking Briefs to Tasks - Now includes Amendments. Brief/Amendment notes appear more cleanly on the linking dialog.

IMPROVEMENT    My Tasks List - Now only shows the Linked Brief icon if there is a linked Brief/Amendment.

FIXED    Config - Holiday List is now hidden, as it is managed in the database only.

FIXED    Expense Claims - Fixed an issue which caused Line Types that couldn't be exported to NAV.

IMPROVEMENT    Version History - Fixed an issue where Workflows and Disciplines wouldn't record the correct user.


FIXED    Proofing - Fix to uploads after a knock from previous workflow change.

Version: 6.309.7034.19864 / 6.310.7034.28442dev

FIXED    Workflow - Where a User Group is selected for a manual workflow, only one person in the Group is required to Approve for the workflow to be completed.

Release Month - March 2019

Version: 6.309.6999.18558 / 6.310.6999.18542dev

FIXED    Text Editor - ensure the extended colour palette is always available.

Release Month - February 2019

Version: 6.309.6996.24112 / 6.310.6996.24137dev

FIXED    Sage One integration - added multi-currency capability.

Release Month - January 2019

Version: 6.309.6963.22528 / 6.310.6963.22612dev

IMPROVEMENT   Timesheet lockout - speed improvements

Version: 6.310.6962.25307dev

IMPROVEMENT   Resource Planner - Ability to see 2 weeks earlier.

IMPROVEMENT   Resource Planner - Ability to see All Users.

IMPROVEMENT   Resource Planner - Leave does not get removed when completed.

Version: 6.310.6956.28377dev

IMPROVEMENT   Resource Planner - Timesheet Auto-fill improvements. Reload Clients when changing companies on Add Task. Fix Multi-User / Multi-Day booking editing.

IMPROVEMENT   Resource Planner - Reload Clients when changing companies on Add Task.

FIXED   Fix Multi-User / Multi-Day booking editing.

Version: 6.309.6949.28461 / 6.310.6949.28037dev

FIXED    Proofing - fixed issue where upload authentication failed due to ProofHQ updating to TLS 1.1

Release Month - December 2018

Version: 6.310.6921.25872dev

IMPROVEMENT    My Tasks - Added Calendar week view.

IMPROVEMENT    Resource Planner - now groups non-job tasks.

IMPROVEMENT    Resource Planner - ability to add tasks from Resource Planner

Version: 6.310.6921.25872dev

FIXED    Calendar Integration - fixed issue where Chase PA duplicated bookings where recipients had been added/removed.

FIXED    Resource Planner - fixed an issue where clearing a day wasn't working correctly.

Release Month - November 2018

Version: 6.310.6907.18931dev

FIXED    Resource Planner - fixed an issue where clearing a day could cause a long wait.

Version: 6.309.6899.38560 / 6.310.6899.38557dev

IMPROVEMENT    Performance enhancements - Filter out tasks that have finished more than a week ago Or no date details.

Version: 6.310.6897.21984dev

IMPROVEMENT    Calendar Integration - now allows deleting of Tasks when the originator has cancelled the meeting.

IMPROVEMENT    Calendar Integration - now allows users to edit Tasks in Chase that came from the PA.

Version: 6.309.6892.27081 / 6.310.6892.27345dev

IMPROVEMENT    CE - Speed improvements for loading and saving CEs.

Version: 6.309.6892.21707 / 6.310.6892.23310dev

IMPROVEMENT    Task Lists - speed improvements

Version: 6.310.6891.31286dev

FIXED    Calendar Integration - fixed issue with duplicate calendar items.

Version: 6.309.6879.33175 / 6.310.6879.33154dev

FIXED    CE - fixed issue with timeout when saving large CEs.

Release Month - October 2018

Version: 6.309.6869.30207 / 6.310.6869.30128dev

IMPROVEMENT   Text editor - CKEditor upgrade, including enhancements such as paste from Word, image sizing, recovery from network problems.

Release Month - September 2018

Version: 6.310.6838.16638dev

IMPROVEMENT   Resource Planner - Improved calculation speed for planning for 4 or more users.

Release Month - August 2018

Version: 6.309.6802.34414 / 6.310.6802.34933dev

FIXED    Upgrade script - fixed issue with upgrading wizards.

Release Month - July 2018

Version: 6.309.6781.14793 / 6.310.6781.14995dev

FIXED    Timesheets - fixed deadlock issues on Save.

Version: 6.309.6774.23078 / 6.310.6774.23474dev

IMPROVEMENT   Speed Improvement - optimised change tracking to improve speed on Tasks, Documents, and Jobs.

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