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Chase allows user to set custom reminder dates to an Opportunity. These reminders can be used to follow up on an opportunity. When setting a custom reminder, you will also be able to add users that receive these reminders. When you create the reminder, the Opportunity will display who the latest reminder is assigned to, and the due date for that reminder.

Below are steps to show you how to set a reminder on an Opportunity.

Step-by-step guide

  1. With the Opportunities screen open, click the Create Reminder button next to an Opportunity.

    The Create Reminder dialog appears. 

  2. Select the date on which the user will receive a reminder by clicking the Reminder Date picker.

    For this example, 4 March 2020 was selected. 

  3. If the Escalate Reminder checkbox is selected, then the user's manager will receive an escalation reminder. 

  4. In the Notes field enter any comments or notes about the reminder.

  5. In the Users and Roles field drop down select user/s that should get the reminders.

    In this example, Adam, Carol Fourie and Luke Harari was selected. 

  6. Click the Create Reminder button

    The reminder date will be visible in the Due Date field. 

  7. Click the Save button. 

  8. The set Reminders will appear under the Reminders tab on the Home Page.

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