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Inter-Company Transfer allows you to facilitate the Inter-company partnership between two Chase companies.  One company plays the role of a client and the other plays the role of a supplier.

To use this functionality you must have two companies that use Chase, either on the same Chase site or on different sites. Please see the image below. 


In the example used in the step-by-step guide and images above, two companies (Insika Production and Insika Creative) have been configured within Chase. In this case, a partnership between Insika Production (acting as the client-side agency) and Insika Creative (acting as the supplier-side agency) was created. The client-side agency will be initiating the inter-company process.

There are two ways of initiating the inter-company process:

  1. Request for Quote initiated process:
    This process is initiated by creating a Request for Quote (RFQ) in the client-side agency, from which a Quote will be created and sent to the supplier-side agency. This process can be used if you do not want the supplier-side agency to send an Invoice to the end-client. For steps on how this process works please follow this link: Request for Quote initiated process

  2. Inter-Company Job Bag initiated process:
    This process is initiated with an Inter-Company Job Bag on the client-side agency, thereby creating a related Job Bag on the supplier-side agency. This process can be used if you want to automatically create an Invoice for the end-client when the supplier-side agency bills the client-side agency (i.e through-billing).

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