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See the summary diagram and breakdown below for an overview of the Inter-Company Job Bag initiated process.

  1. On the client-side agency create an Inter-Company Job Bag.

    This will initiate the inter-company process as a related Job will also be created on the Supplier-side.

  2. Create a Request for Quote and send the Quote to the supplier-side agency. This will automatically create an Incoming Request for Quote (IRFQ) on the supplier-side agency.

  3. From the created IRFQ, the supplier-side user will create a Cost Estimate and change the status to Final.

  4. Once the status of the Cost Estimate changes, this will trigger the inter-company process and a Cost Estimate for the end-client will automatically be created on the client-side agency. The next step in this process is to create a Tax Invoice from the Cost Estimate on the client-side agency.

    Once a Tax Invoice has been created and is in Issued Status this will automatically create the following Financial Documents.

    • A Purchase Order in the client-side agency – The Purchase Order will be linked to the Quote that will be issued to the supplier agency, and will take on the next number in the Purchase Order number sequence.

    • A Supplier Invoice in the client-side agency – The Supplier Invoice will be linked to the Purchase Order, and will take on Tax Invoice number from the supplier-side agency. Namely, the Supplier Code, followed by a slash, followed by the Tax Invoice number.

    • A Client Order in the supplier-side agency – The Client Order will be linked to the Cost Estimate on the supplier-side agency, and will reference the Purchase Order number from the client-side agency.

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