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A Job Status report is a summary report of jobs in the system which also displays the Job notes, tasks and cost estimates created against those specific jobs. The report is mostly used by individuals within the Client Service department. This report is aimed at presenting during a Client Status meeting where you need to discuss all jobs pertaining to a particular client, review the next task and also ensure billing for the job is up to date. For this report to really work, the job needs to be managed well. You need to ensure that the job status of a job bag is updated as it flows through the agency, tasks need to be updated as they are completed and unused CE's should be Cancelled.

This section will focus on the:

Job Status report

  1. To view this report, navigate to Reports and search for the Job Status report.
  2. Select the report and apply filters

    Report columns explained:

    Column nameExplanation


    Job Number


    Job Category

    3Description Combination of the Product and Job Element.
    4AE Account Executive for the Job.
    5OpenedThe date the job bag was created.
    6Finished The date the job status moved to "Finished" state.
    7StatusStatusoftheJob i.e. the phase the job is in.
    8Notes Current Job Notes as set on the Job Bag.
    9Incomplete Tasks groupDetails of incomplete tasks assigned to individuals on a specific Job Bag.
    10TaskTask description and task notes.
    11Act ByPerson to whom the task is assigned.
    12Finish DateTask Deadline date.
    13Cost EstimateDetails of all Cost Estimates for the particular Job Bag.
    14CE NoCost Estimate number.
    15AmountTotal amount (excluding Tax) of the Cost Estimate.
    16Status Cost Estimate status eg. Final, Approved, Cancelled, etc

    Similar Reports

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    The Job Status (by Product) report is a summary report of jobs in the system grouped by product name.