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Chase allows you to create dependencies between tasks.  A Task dependency is a relationship in which a task or milestone relies on other tasks to be completed (partially or completely) before it can be performed.  The ability for User A to hand a task back to User B lies in the set up of tasks that occurs on an individual task level.  

Dependencies can be created or linked on the Job Bag:

  • from the Tasks screen, a dependency can be created by clicking the Link Dependencies button.

  • on the Gantt screen, a dependency can be created by holding and dragging one bar, from the middle of the bar, to another.

Below are steps to show you how to link dependencies to a Task.

Step-by-step guide

  1. With the Job you want to edit open, click the Link Dependencies button against the line that you want to create a dependency for.

    Select dependant tasks for dialog appears.  In this example a Select dependant tasks for Motion Design appears for the line selected.

  2. Select the predecessor task that you want the selected task to depend on.  

    When a predecessor's task dates are changed, the dependent's task dates should change respectively, i.e. if the finish date for task 1 is delayed by 2 days, the start date for task 2 will be delayed by 2 days. This is based on a dependency relationship of Finish to Start (the second task can only start when the first task is complete) and can be done with a one to many relationship.

    In this example, Design Review was made a predecessor of Motion Design

  3. Once satisfied with your selection, click the OK button.

  4. Hover over the Link button against the task to view which tasks are predecessors and which tasks are dependencies for that task.