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You can link items in Chase (eg. Clients, Jobs, Briefs) to websites such as PageProof, ProofHQ, Smartsheet and many more. Linking can be done if you want to collaborate and share details about the project/job. This will help users identify what documents or Websites they need to refer to for their projects. 

Below are steps to show you how to link Chase documents to a Website

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the document to which you want to add a link.
  2. Click the Links button on the Toolbar and select Add Link.

    The Add Link dialog appears.

  3. Click the Link Type drop down and select the Web link.

  4. Enter the Web link in the Site Address field.

    In this example, entered.  

  5. Click the Verify button.

    A link to the Website will be added below the Site Address field and the name of the site displayed in the Site Title field. This shows that the web link is valid.

  6. Click the Link button. 

    The Web link will be added to the Links drop down list.

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