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In Chase, any template can be linked to one or more Job Categories e.g Job/TaskBrief, or Cost Estimate template. Users can save Job Bag Tasks or other documents as Templates that can be reused for similar work in the future. This will restrict users access to a specific set of predefined templates that have the same Job Category as the one selected on the Job. Once a Template has been created, it can be:

  • renamed
  • restricted by applying license access
  • linked to one or more Job Categories

Below are quick steps to:

Step-by-step guide

Editing a Template 

  1. Navigate to the Settings button, click the Company Configuration group to expand it and select Templates.

    The Templates screen appears. You will be able to edit templates, by renaming, changing access based on license type, and optionally linking to Job Categories.

  2. To rename a template, click on the relevant template and enter a new name.

  3. Provide certain Users access to various templates based on their License Type.

  4. On the applicable template, select the Job Category that you want to link to.

    Save changes made to the screen. 

Deleting a Template

  1. To delete a template, click the X Delete button against it.

  2. On the Delete Template dialog, click the Yes button.

  3. Save changes made to the screen.