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As your agency evolves and employees change roles or leave the company, you need to ensure that all active licenses are managed properly. This will help to eliminate paying for licenses that are not used. You can manage licenses by deactivating them when they are no longer required, transfer the license from one user to another, or change the License Type of a user. 

For more information on activating a user's license click here

Find out how to:

Step-by-step guide

  1. From the Configuration screen, click the Resources group to expand it and select Users.

  2. The Users screen appears. Select the type of action you want to perform. 

     Deactivating a User license

    If a user leaves your company or is not required to use Chase, you need to disable them and deactivate their license.  Your company will pay for each active license, so it is best to deactivate any unused licenses before the 24th of the month to avoid being billed for the following month. Please note that marking the User inactive in Chase does not mean the license is deactivated.

    Chase Insight

    If your agency uses Chase Insight, you need to disable the User by unchecking the Is Active checkbox. 

    Here's a visual demonstration for deactivating a user license

    1. With the Users screen open select the User from the list, and click the Activate User License button on the Toolbar.

      You can also click the Change User License button in the License Type column against the User.

      Notice that the name of the User is already selected in the User To License field.
    2. On the User To License dialog, click the New License field, and select None from the list.

    3. Click the License User button to deactivate this license.

    4. Uncheck the Is Active checkbox against the relevant User. 

      The User is now unlicensed and inactive. This will block them from logging into Chase, and they won't be included in the next license count for billing.

      Notice that the License Type field shows that the user has been Unlicensed.

      To complete the process, continue to step 3 of this topic.

     Transferring a User license

    Chase allows you to transfer a User license from one User to another.  This is typically done when a new employee takes over the duties of a former employee.  Note that the User from which the license is transferred will no longer be able to log into Chase once the transfer is complete.

    Here's a visual demonstration for transferring a users license

    1. On the Users screen, select the User from whom the license will be transferred.

      In this example, Berry McGraw is selected.

    2. Click the Transfer License button on the Toolbar.

    3. The Transfer License dialog appears. Select the User to whom the license will be transferred, in the To User field.

      In this example, Tim was selected.

    4. Click the Transfer License button to complete the transfer.

    5. A small pop up dialog appears with a warning, click the Yes button to continue to transfer the license.

      You are redirected to the Users screen. Notice that the User you transferred the license from no longer has a license type. Ensure that the former user is marked inactive, and the newly licensed user is marked active.

      To complete the process, continue to step 3 of this topic.

     Changing the License Type for a user

    You can change a User's license from TimesheetsChase Lite, or Chase Full.  A license can be changed if an incorrect license has been assigned to a User or the User's role in the company changes.

    1. With the Users screen open, click the Change User License button in the License Type column against the applicable user.

      If the Change User License icon is hidden, hover over any column name and click the arrow that appears. From the options displayed, select Columns and click the License Type check box to show the icon.

    2. On the User To License dialog, click the New License field and select the new license type from the list.

    3. Click the License User button to update the license type.

      You will notice that the user's license type has changed to the desired license.

      To complete the process, continue to step 3 of this topic.

  3. Click the Save button to make your changes permanent.