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Displayed at the top of the screen is the Main Menu which shows all available buttons. The actual buttons displayed to you depends on your user rights.

For example, TimeSheet users will see only the Navigation buttons needed to complete TimeSheets.

Regardless of the operation being carried out, the Main Menu is always visible at the top of the page.

Add New button: Opens the Add New screen which you can create any type of Chase document.

Tasks button: Shows a list of tasks that have been allocated to you.

TimeSheets button: Opens the TimeSheets page where you can record time you spent on work.

In the Search section of the Main Menu are the Clients, Jobs, Documents, Suppliers, and Contractors buttons. When clicked, each opens a Search dialog with search functions related to that type of item. For more details on how to search for items please see Searching in Chase.

Move Costs button: Allows financial documents to be moved between Jobs, e.g. move PO's from one Job to another.

Export Wizards button: Creates a file containing information from Chase's income and expenditures that can be imported into your accounting package, thereby avoiding manual processing.

Reports button: Opens a view from which you can run reports. Access to this button is normally limited to Traffic Managers and financial users. 

Wizards button: Shows a view of available Wizards. Wizards let you update or change selected document types in bulk, e.g. change the status of all Jobs for a specified client from "Awaiting Closure" to "Closed". 

To personalise your Chase experience, click the Settings drop-down button on the Main Menu. The User Options dialog is opened. Here, you can set preferences such as fonts and how system messages are displayed. If you make no changes, default system settings will apply.

A Document Toolbar appears on most documents, i.e. Job Bag documents and financial documents. It affects line items on those documents such as Work Type lines on financial documents or Task Type lines on Job Bags. Normally, all Document Toolbar buttons will appear on the Job Bag view. For other document types, only the Collapse Tasks and Toggle full screen All buttons will be available. The toolbar is not present in a Brief, Amendment and Billing Instruction. The function of each button is explained below.

Toggle full-screen view button: Displays line items in full-screen mode on the document.

Copy Selected button: Copies the selected line\tasks on a Job Bag.

Delete Select button: Deletes the selected line\tasks on a Job Bag.

A Floating Toolbar appears on all Chase documents. The following explains the function of each button.

Add Comment button: Leave a comment to be seen by other users.

Lightning Bolt button: Creates the next corresponding document in a series, for example, a PO or Invoice when on a Cost Sheet or a Final Invoice when on a Job.

Disk button: Saves the current document. (NB: Always remember to save when working in Chase.)

Workflow action button: Initiates a Workflow for the document.

Paper Clip button: Allows you to attach an External Document to the current document.

Printer button: Allows you to preview, print or save a copy of the currently open document.

Envelope button: To send an email from Chase, click the e-mail button.

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